Unit 1 Communication Essay

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The role of communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care.

Naima Zaka

Assignment Brief- Part 1:

Unit 1- Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

Title- The role of communication and interpersonal interaction in Health and Social Care.

Due to poor media coverage on the quality of care and provision in Health and Social Care environments. I have been asked to work undercover by the Health authority to report on effective communication and interpersonal interaction.

|Type: Effective |Log 1: ...view middle of the document...

As I was explaining to the doctor verbally what my problem was and he was answering my |
| |questions and prescribing me medicine by talking verbally face to face this way I was able to see facial|
| |expressions which is also a form of communication. Also in this situation it is easy for the doctor to |
| |read a patient’s body language or a patient to view a doctor’s body language, which is a type |
| |communication. |
| | |
| |I feel the communication skills used in this situation were in fact effective. Listening is an important|
|Time: 1.00 |key in effective communication and interpersonal interaction and it was done. Also understanding the |
| |other person in the conversation would be classed as effective communication, the doctor understood my |
| |problem for him to prescribe me a medicine. My problem was understood clearly and I was answered |
| |properly. Body language and tone of voice was used at appropriate times, eye contact was also used. |
| | |
| |There are many ways effective communication may be used at a doctor’s surgery. Firstly, being concise |
| |whilst sharing information. For the doctor to be organised before hand would make the communication |
| |effective and interpersonal. Also, stopping the patient whilst he/she is speaking to ask them questions |
| |makes it effective communication because there is an understanding. |
|Place: Doctors surgery | |
| |To make the interaction even more effective, gestures and fillers could have been used whilst the doctor|
| |was making interaction with his patient. Gestures and fillers make the interaction interpersonal and |
| |effective. As it shows that the other person is listening and is being attentive to what you have to |
| |say. |
| ...

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