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Unit 1 Essay

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One to one communication
In the one to one interaction I had to do role play of a situation that took place in an elderly home, in the interaction the role alternated and me and my partner was able to get a feel and understanding of what it was like to be in that situation, in the interaction our speaking and listen skills were assessed by our teacher and our partner so we were able to see what we did wrong so that we were improve our skills and understand what skills are needed in a health and social care setting, my speaking was strong when I did the interaction, but I was hesitant at times and my body language wasn’t showing that I was very comfortable with the situation that I was In, ...view middle of the document...

Group communication
In the group communication we talked about improving services for those that have sensory impairments, in our discussion we were talking about how there could be improvements to the education system and that this is needed with in schools and other institutions, this was conveyed by each member of our group in a strong and positive way while I was talking I felt that my communication was good, but could have been better, me weakness with In the discussion was that my tone of voice wasn’t completely clear and this made it difficult for those that I was talking to understand some of what I was saying when I was trying to give a point, there were other problem that we were unable to address as they were not suitable for the situation and because of the setting that we was in, these problems were using proximity within the discussion this was due to our setting as we were sitting at a table and proximity wasn’t really an issue, the other problem as that the use of touch wasn’t needed for the discussion as there was no need for comforting any of the individuals that were involved, other than that the discussion was really successful, there was continuous eye contact which help make the discussion smooth so it didn’t become have continuous pauses, the use of body language was very important as it help that to convey what we wanted to tell those that were in my group, within the group the use of verbal and...

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