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Uniqlo Essay

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UNIQLO‘s background:
UNIQLO is a Japanese company that designs manufactures and retail in casual wears in 1974. It is also the subsidiary of the Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. It is an international brand that have branch in many country such as China, USA, Europe country etc. Their mission is to create new and unique clothing to the people over the world and share the joy, happiness and satisfaction when they are wearing the UNIQLO’s clothes. Also, it enriches people’ live and help the society by using their unique corporate activities. According to UNIQLO’s official webpage, the vision of UNIQLO is “to change the clothes, change conventional wisdom, and change the world”. (UNIQLO, 2014)

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The UNIQLOCK repeats a 5 second animation of clock and 5 second show by some people wearing UNIQLO’s clothes. This shows is changed randomly and they always add some new image that the people have never seen. This UNIQLOCK can let the people set in the some channel for a clock such as Blog, Facebook, iPhone etc. This UNIQLOCK is a successful and unique advertising strategy to UNIQLO has a free advertising to promote their product and build up the awareness internationally. (UNIQLOCK, 2014)

Performance Dimensions
The price of UNIQLO’s product is in lower price around $40-500 HKD. (UNIQLO, 2014) Compare with some similar clothing retail brand such as Zara and Gap, their price setting is little bit high around $200-1000. (GAP, 2014; ZARA, 2014) The customer is willing to buy the UNIQLO’s product because they can easy to burden.

Also the shop design, they have clear section for different consumers, such as men, women, kids area. With the clear section for selling certain items, the customer can clearly understand the section that what they want to buy. And they provide the clear signage at the different area, such as jeans, T-shirts, underwear and jackets.

Imagery Dimensions:
UNIQLO have set up some specific stores that called flagship to sell their new products. The flagships are covered in different metropolis such as New York, Hong Kong, Berlin and Tokyo.(UNIQLO, 2014) Those flagships except selling the latest products, they are also having the most complete category of product on sell and the location is the most convenient to go shopping.

Judgement Dimension
The product of UNIQLO is good quality. According to the UNIQLO official website, they have a good quality and safety controls. They have strict safety standards in every market. This is the reason why they have a quality establishment committee to in charge of the production and set the standards. (Fast Retailing, 2014) Besides the quality establishment committee, UNIQLO dispatch their veteran Japanese expert engineers to their production offices to help improve product quality at their factories, including the Japanese textile expertise.(UNIQLO, 2014)

Feeling Dimension:
UNIQLO would like to build up the relationship with the consumers. UNIQLO have set a feedback sheet. Consumers can give some feedback to UNIQLO after they have visit or shopping at UNIQLO. UNIQLO will keep that standard that consumers think that is good from the feedback. If not, UNIQLO will change and correct it. It can make consumers feel joyful shopping at UNIQLO.
In shopping environment, UNIQLO plays some music in every shop. It can make consumers feel comfortable when shopping in UNIQLO. In some festival, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, the music will change to some that relate to the festival. It can create Fun to the consumers.

Resonance Dimension:
UNIQLO would like to keep a long term relationship with Consumers and do not want the consumers to think that they only think about the...

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