Unipolar And Bipolar Essay

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Unipolar and Bipolar


Unipolar and Bipolar

There are a variety of underlying issues that cause unipolar and bipolar disorder. Even though there is several treatment options for both conditions, Doctors don't completely understand what causes them. It is believed that these mood disorders are hereditary and that lifestyles and environmental factors play an important role determining the severity.

Scientists have discovered a link between chemicals in the brain and depression. It’s suggested that if you have a lower serotonin and or norepinephrine level ...view middle of the document...

People who suffer from bipolar disorder experience rapid cycling between moods over a short period of time. These cycles are called manic and mania. Mania symptoms are described as: restlessness, increased energy, high sex drive, unattainable or unrealistic goal setting, engaging in risky behavior, and feeling invincible. Manic symptoms are described as: sadness, anxiety, and constant need for sleep, difficulty with decision making, thoughts of death or suicide. Someone suffering from bipolar disorder displays both of these moods (manic and mania) usually in a very fast changing episodes. Like unipolar bipolar is diagnosed based on family history, risk factors and symptoms displayed.

There are a variety of underlying causes for developing bipolar and unipolar disorder. Again, it’s believed to be genetic so having a family member with the disorder increases someone’s chances for development. Another underlying cause might be


environmental factors and influences or childhood precursors. For example poverty, abuse or substance abuse can lead to unipolar or even bipolar disorder. Life itself can also be an underlying cause. If someone experiences extreme stress or a traumatic event it can bring onset of mental disorders including unipolar and bipolar.

The good news is there are many treatment options for both unipolar and bipolar.
The treatment regimen for unipolar depending on severity can include a daily prescription antidepressant. Generally, the antidepressant helps decrease a person’s feeling of sadness. The antidepressant can be prescribed with a mood stabilizing or antipsychotic drug also. Along with medication someone suffering from unipolar can receive treatment in the form of psychotherapy and support groups. These groups and counseling sessions give the person an outlet to express their feelings of sadness, anger or anxiety allowing them to feel better. Another treatment recommendation would be to change certain factors in your life style such as drinking,...

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