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Uninsured In The United States Essay

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Uninsured in the United States
NURS 3005 Section 1, The Context of Healthcare Delivery
June 16, 2013

Uninsured in the United States
Who are the uninsured and who are the recipients of uncompensated care? If you are one of the people who lives in poverty, a single parent, or middle class parents who work minimum wage jobs, then you are the uninsured. The uninsured accounts for most of the population and many people think financing the uninsured has raised the cost of health care. How did the United States health care get in this way? How have the uninsured citizens of this country received health care and what are some solutions? The purpose of this paper ...view middle of the document...

These children are those that their parents make too much to qualify for Medicaid and do not make enough to afford family health insurance. When there is a problem with children not being able to access medical care, the health care system is a failure. Coddington and Sands (2008) acknowledges the fact that approximately 9 million children do not have health insurance (p. 75). When people and the insured are unable to pay their bill or they do not apply for indigent care, this action affects the medical business and eventually the health care system. There are a lot of people who chooses not to pay their bill or neglect to file the appropriate papers for help. This action impedes the health care system by increasing the cost to the insured.
Impact of uncompensated care
Being employed is not a guarantee of having medical insurance and being protected. According to Mason et al (2012), 8 out of 10 uninsured are from a working family meaning the annual household income is less than $22,025 (p.191). This is a huge amount of people to be uninsured and that is not including the people with no income. Sometimes, the uninsured uses the emergency department for other reasons than an emergency; for example, headaches, backaches, and anything clinical. When the uninsured use such health care service irresponsibly, this affects the financial stability of their community health care institutions at an estimate of $35 billion a year (Smith-Campbell, 2005, p.81). Health care facilities are caught in the middle because they are trying to serve the people in the community by providing care whether the people can or cannot pay.
Communities and hospitals are coming together to form a community health care center to provide care to the uninsured and under privileged. With such an overhaul of patients, the centers are trying to keep afloat while serving their communities. “Hospitals are financially supporting their local CHCs not because it is the right thing to do, but to keep from incurring costs for people unable to pay for their health care (Smith-Campbell, 2005, p.85)”. This is a good thing because it saves the hospital from paying more nurses to take care of patients, help in preventive measures by giving physicals to the uninsured, and being an education tool to educate the uninsured about preventive measures, such as diet, exercise, and medication. The establishment of community health centers is a need for communities in the United States, especially communities with a high rate of poverty.
Nursing and care for the uninsured
One specific category in nursing that would help provide care to the uninsured is the establishment of nurse managed clinics. “Nurse managed clinics can serve as an important safety net in the health care delivery system by offering needed health services to the poor...

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