Unilever And Management Communication Essay

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Management communication is an ongoing process. Baack(2012) defines it as “all efforts to systematically plan, implement , monitor, and upgrade the channels of communication with the organization and with outside organizations that affect a company’s internal operations”(p. 10). Dove, manufactured by Unilever is changing how people view women. Dove saw the need for a communication change. They made a plan and implemented a new way to market their products. They started the Campaign for Real Beauty. Instead of using models, they used real women of all sizes, colors, and ages to advertise their products. “The Campaign for Real Beauty is based on a belief that beauty comes in different shapes, ...view middle of the document...

One powerful statistic from the study shows that only 2% of woman in the world view themselves as beautiful, and another statistic claims that 81% of women believe that the media and advertisements set an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty (“Negative feelings,”para 6&7, 2007). Dove launched the Campaign for Real Beauty as a result of the study. The message of the campaign, to “see beauty in imperfections” and not to “worship stereotypes”(Dove,2012). It helps everyday women look outside the media box to see true beauty. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty has also established the Dove Self-Esteem fund, which creates resources that help young women establish positive attitudes towards their bodies. On Doves website, you can find self esteem kits and resources, one on one activities, and classroom and group activies. Dove is part of face book, twitter and other multimedia sites, which allows them to reach women and girls all over the world. These are great multimedia communication tools.
Communication is Key
Communication as defined by Baack(2012) ”is transmitting, receiving, and processing information” (p.5). All three must occur for effective communication. See figure 1for a communication model. The sender is the person transmitting a message or idea. Encoding is the presentation of the verbal and nonverbal cues. Transmission is what carries a message, e.g. computer monitors, radio, mobile phone. The receiver is the senders audience and the receiver must decode the message. Feedback is evaluation of the communication. It tells how well the sender communicated by the way the receiver understood the message. Communication can be expressed in many different ways whether verbal, nonverbal, or listening skills. Organizational success is based on the effectiveness of the skills of communication. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively. Leaders are individuals who guide, direct, and motivate others so that the company’s purpose, vision, and values are communicated effectively.
Figure 1 Communication Model

Communication Barriers
Communication is the transmission of meaning from one person to another or to a group. Dove is trying to communicate to each female and also to groups of females. There are three categories of barriers to communication. They are individual differences, situational factors, and transmission problems. Examples of individual differences are age, gender, language, education and personalities. Situational factors include emotions of anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, romantic feelings, and personal attitudes and values. Transmission problems can include language, and disabilities in the sender or receiver. I feel Unilever has a communication barrier. It is inconsistent with its idea of beauty. Unlike its Dove company, ads for other products of Unilever (e.g. Axe) do not fit the Dove Campaign. They have messages of unrealistic women and men like in the Axe ads. This false sense of beauty helps sell...

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