Uniforms Are They A Good Fit?

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Do School Uniforms Provide A Better Learning Environment?

A very important part of adolescence is discovering who a person is destined to be. In the stage where children are on their way to becoming adults, it is very important to provide discipline, give love, and instill faith. In these troubled times, raising a child takes more than just parents. Some school systems have taken measures to provide discipline and teach lessons by implementing uniforms. Uniforms, although dreaded by many students and parents, actually can provide a positive influence in school systems. By implementing strict dress codes school ...view middle of the document...

Uniforms help school systems because it can help create a carefree environment, which makes students feel safe and relaxed to learn.

Uniforms prepare students for real life expectations. Students are expected to adhere to a standard everyday. This standard is set as soon as the child puts on the uniform and walks into the school. Uniforms can encourage work ethic in adolescence. When students learn to dress properly for school, officials often praise the child for being professional (Boutelle 4). Uniforms are used to train children how to get dressed in the morning to a professional and presentable standard. A child who is in school has a job to be best student to their capability and uniforms provide fewer distractions in school, which makes it easier for a student to focus (Turner 2). Uniforms also promote a scholarly environment, when students look scholars it can encourage them to behave as one.

Uniforms provide discipline and promote school spirit. Wearing a uniform is a school rule students must obey. Students who wear uniforms do not have to worry about others stealing their expensive clothing, designer shoes, or flashy jewelry. When fifty-five hundred public school principals were surveyed, seventy percent said uniforms helped cut down on disciplinary problems (Cruz 34). Uniforms can increase school pride and improve the schools overall appearance in a community (Starr 1). Uniforms can also improve school attendance; decrease teasing, school violence and teachers believed students were focused on the teachers and lessons for class (Alleyne et al. 424). In a recent study of a school says school crime has dropped by eighty-three percent while enrollment is up fourteen percent (Lopez 402). Uniforms promote a mature environment where a child is taught discipline and schools expect professionalism. When the school crime and disciplinary actions are few, students and the community are proud which then advocates school spirit.

Uniforms eliminate many social class issues. Uniforms financially help parents by not having to purchase fancy expensive clothes for their children. Uniforms can also help students from less fortunate families not worry about how their child will be perceived because they aren’t in fashionable clothing. When the students wear uniforms it is considered a class equalizer (Lopez 399). With uniforms students do not judge each other by what is fashionable, instead it gives the child to judge by intelligence. Uniforms can also teach children not to materialize and discriminate. Uniforms actually can save money for parents in the long run. Uniforms are made to be durable and withstand many washes that can be...

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