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Unification Of Korea Essay

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Unification, the First Step to Make Perfect Korea.

It is a well-known fact that our korean peninsula has been divided into two pieces: North Korea and South Korea. For over 68 years, we, South Koreans and North Koreans, have been constantly reminded of the misfortunate scars that wounded us deeply. These started with territory separation, dispersion of families and friends, the cleft of national homogeneity and political conflict between democracy and socialism. As the international society has been condemning North Korea for developing nuclear weapons and awakening urgency of unification in South Korea, I think this is the perfect time to make an effort to achieve peace in ...view middle of the document...

Since we have been divided, Korea has disbursed large amounts of money for national defence. Currently, our country is investing 10% of our national budget for national defence of which most is concentrated on opposing North Korea. Imagine 10%, 34 trillion and 300 billion won is annually spent on protecting our country from North Korea. Can we really allow for tax payment and the spending of the national budget on protecting us from another Korean Race? Even if it is our main priority to spend the budget instead of aiming a gun at North Korea? How long do we have to do this ignorant, worthless job, of leaving the economical duty to the posterity? We have to pursue allocating less of the budget to the military, and more to developing human resources and welfare. At this point, the unification is necessary not only for reducing military budget but also as a basic part of making a step forward in order for Korea to be developed country. The unification of technology, natural and labor resources and knowledge will surely improve our style of living and contribute to gaining an international status for Korea. In actual fact, South Korea is starting to reach for international arena. However, division has proved to be a difficulty in our evolution. The idea that there is a possible war threat in Korea has made people weary to visit or invest in Korea. Unification is necessary to change this tendency and advance our position...

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