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Social media is ‘the relationship that exist between network of people’(Walter and Riviera, 2004).Also Martin(2008) views social media as YouTube ,Facebook ,Myspace ,WhatsApp ,Twitter , Instagram , anything that one can use to share valid messages .University students tend to use the social media for different kind of things .Social media have positive impact on the learning of university students such as information sharing, socialisation and other factors to be outlined in the below presentation, though negativity will always be there on any object and this impact is triggered due to excess use of the social media leading to addiction, laziness, concentration degradation on school work ...view middle of the document...

A positive impact of social media on university learning is shown as most of the students understand more as they view pictures of a topic on a social media, one can bring out a social media like Instagram were pictures are being shared(uploaded),this helps university students on their learning procedure as some students memories are good at capturing pictures than written text, also one can argue saying it is a silent procedure and comfortable way of learning different from flipping pages .
More so social media has a positive impact on university students learning as students watch videos online via YouTube. This is helpful as some students don’t understand how their teacher explains on some things but to surprise he/she understands better the videos posted on YouTube giving social media a positive impact on the learning of university students. It can be a way of simplifying things as social media actually makes learning easy as tuition on the internet can be viewed as free of charge and...

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