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Unexpected Success, Unexpected Effects Essay

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English 100, Section 6
Unexpected Success, Unexpected Effects
In the profile “Rural Idaho Town Seeks to Turn Film’s Cult Status into Prosperity” by Laura Holson, she shows the impact that a movie can have on a town. The movie is Napoleon Dynamite, and the town is Preston, Idaho. Throughout this profile, Holson tells the reader about a Napoleon Dynamite festival held in the small Idaho town the movie was filmed in. Some examples are given as to the events held at the festival such as the Napoleon look-alike contest, or the tater tot eating contest. Many of these contests and activities help people bring out their so called, “inner Napoleon” (Holson 162). Holson is able to illustrate ...view middle of the document...

The next point that can be drawn from the profile written by Laura Holson is the effect that the festival has on the people of not only Preston, but the people that participate in the festival. She goes about this by quoting many attendees of the festival. For instance, she mentions Gordon Smith who traveled all the way from Utah to attend the festival. Holson quotes him in the piece as saying, “I can relate to it. In high school it’s the cool kids and everybody else. I was part of the ‘everybody else’ crowd. But in the movie the geeks, like Napoleon, support each other. You know, there was a very good message” (Holson 162-163). In this quote, it is easy for the reader to draw back to an earlier statement by Holson, talking about everyone’s “inner Napoleon.”
Holson also gives the perspective of the prior resident of Preston when she mentions Dale Critchlow, who is the 76-year-old cattle farmer who played Lyle in the movie. Critchlow tells Holson that he has never had that kind of fame in his life (Holson 163). He is referring to the numerous autographs he gave out throughout the days of the festival. By giving numerous quotes from people who were residents of Preston or attendees of the festival, it is easy for Holson to establish credibility with the reader in her profile of this festival.
Throughout the profile, Holson makes it easy for the reader to understand the...

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