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Case Study # 1
Week 2
Understanding the role of culture

Culture can be a combination, of rules, beliefs, techniques, artifacts, language, and religion, when these things come together it influence the human mind. With influence of culture in the human mind, it impacts the way business is conducted. We then look into corporate culture, which is what defines how managers and employees conduct themselves in the workplace of particular companies. The term corporate culture is also used when HR and Management want show a sense of community within an organization. It is well know that America is know as the melting pot, which means that we have people here from varying countries and different cultures. This means that workplaces in America are multicultural and everyone pretty much has to adapt to the ...view middle of the document...

The awareness helps managers understand, and have empathy to a person situation, and culture if need be. The other great thing is that it makes interaction within the workplace seamless, here in America and abroad. It also makes you more of a candidate for a promotion, because you are able to be fair and objective. Some of the weakness are, MNC operating in different countries at the same time, it is difficult to understand the cultures of all the host countries. There is also the issue of conflicts with international management regarding orientations, values, time, change, material factors, and individualism. Lastly, the lack of cultural awareness can cost your company lots of money, you may say or do something to offend a potential client and the deal is now off.
There are many opportunities for companies and individuals that understand the role of culture;. There are some factors that may hinder that understanding like individualism, materialism and change. Individualism is when culturally your personal gain is more important than the gain of the whole group; culturally some groups find success of the group more beneficial than personal gain. Materialism is when you may see a natural resource as a way to make a monetary gain, to someone else from another culture this may be a god, or something to him or her that is untouchable. With change someone’s religious views may differ from yours, this may make you want to close yourself off from understating their view hence closing yourself off from understanding their culture.
Understanding culture is a reality in our everyday personal as well as professional lives, understanding it provides many benefits such as success, and knowledge. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring fourth challenges, and obstacles that can cripple you and or your organization if not understood properly. Sometimes it’s important to not always think your way is the right way and listen and learn from views that may seem far-fetched.

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