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Understanding The Purpose Of An Organisation And Its Operating Environment

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Understanding the purpose of an organisation and its operating environment.
1.1 Describe the purpose and goals of an organisation
Network Rail (NR) own and run the railway infrastructure; the tracks and equipment needed so that the people who do run the trains – Train Operating Companies (TOCs) / Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) – can keep their trains going. NR are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, signaling, timetabling and providing everything the TOCs and FOCs need to keep an increasing number of trains moving safely.

NR was a private company and in September 2014 NR was reclassified to the Government’s balance and are now an Arm’s Length Body of the Department ...view middle of the document...

Rail is vital to Britain's future, NR promise is to delivering the timetable because everything NR do, from planning the network to delivering the timetable, is about providing passengers and freight users with safe, reliable and punctual trains when NR say a train will run, we keep our word.
NR vision Is to getting everyone home safe every day. It applies to everyone who works on, or comes into contact with the railway – us, passengers, contractors, and members of the public. Safety is every bit as important as keeping the trains running.

Also NR wants to be a trusted leader in the rail industry within the next five to ten years by working closely with their partners.

NR mission is to be the fastest growing rail network and safest in Europe. Which is why NR are investing more than £25bn in developing their infrastructure between 2014 and 2019, so NR can deliver more services and better journeys.

1.2 Describe the products, services and customers of the organisation

We get our money from a combination of: * a grant from the Government * access charges for the TOCs and FOCs to use the infrastructure * income from the property we own. | |
The Government provides money directly to us, and to the TOCs.

Network Rail receives funding every five years. Each five year section is called a control period. Before a new control period begins Network Rail submits a business plan to show our plans and request funding | |
The TOCs earn revenue from the sales of tickets to passengers. FOCs earn revenue from transporting goods. TOCs also get some funding from the Government which they use to buy train paths. These are called track access charges. We work collaboratively with the TOCs and FOCs to make sure we provide the best service to our customers. When delays occur that are Network Rail’s responsibility, we have to pay penalties to the TOCs and FOCs. | |
Both Network Rail and the TOCs are regulated by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR).

They monitor our performance and health and safety standards, and work with the Government to decide what our income should be. | |

Business to consumers as directly dealing withend user as landside neighbours can call us directly to complaint and complaint regarding managed station as NR only managed 19 station out of2,953 railway stations in britain.

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