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Understanding The Process Of Change Is A Key To Successfully Transformed Organization

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Understanding the Process of Change is a Key to Successfully Transformed Organization
Japeth Jacob
Massey school of Engineering
26 April 2010

Process of change is the key. Change can be brought about only and if we understand the process of change. This paper presents the major obstacle to change and the major failure leader often overlook. Change takes time and cost money. The objective of the paper is to discuss the failure of ineffective transformation and clarifying the process for change to save guide leaders to successfully implement effective transformation.
Keywords: Five Ps, Resistance, Vision, Strategy, tactics and People

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* Behavioral resistance is derived from the reaction, perception and assumption of individuals in the organization.

For number of different reasons, individual or groups can react very differently to change, from passively resisting it, to aggressively trying to undermine it and to sincerely embracing it (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008).The tables 1 below list some of the major reason why résistance occur but again it all depends on the type of change we trying to implement. For examples if the change is to bring in new automated technology into the production system. Resistance encounter will be on hand skilled workers for the security of his/her job or complexity understanding the new system to get people to the new behavior of production. Depending on the reason of resistance as on table 2, there are six common approaches to resistance:
* Educate and communicate.(Educate resistance people about the change with good effective communication about the idea)
* Participation plus involvement. (Getting the resistor involve in the design or implementation of change.)

* Facilitation plus support.( Being supportive like training, simply listening and providing emotional support to the resistor)

* Negotiation plus agreement. (Offering incentives to the active or potential resistors. e.g. Wage increase in return to the work rule change.)

* Manipulation plus co-optation. (Influencing the resistor and giving him/her a desire role in the change implementation).

* And Explicit plus Implicit coercion (Forcing people to accept change either by explicitly or implicitly threatening them. E.g. losing job, promotion, firing and transferring them)

Table1: Reason for resistance (Fiedler, 2010)

Table 2: Approach to resistance (Kotter & Schlesinger, 2008)

In today’s competitive environment, companies try to be better than their competitors. In doing so there effort of change occurs under many flags: restructuring, reengineering, rightsizing, cultural change, total quality management and turn around, in which this efforts are about “bringing change” into the organizations.
Bringing transformation or change into an organization is not that easy. Some companies with the cooperative efforts have been very successful while other companies encounter failures. Now sometimes project managers or teams and the leaders of leading transformation wonder why implementing change is difficult and why their efforts fail. Perhaps it could be of the little experience we have in transforming organization or sometimes it can be the fact that we are missing some major understanding or steps that could be implemented.
2.1 luck for creating the Sense of Urgency
When the people in an organization see and feel the sense of urgency, they will be deliberately willing to take action of bringing change. In most successful change efforts it is because people feel the urgency of change....

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