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1. Understanding the management role to improve management performance.

My role within the Absolute Group is Senior Account/Production Manager, I am responsible for looking after client’s projects from design stage all the way through to delivery, this involves managing the client throughout the whole process as well as the complete production cycle. All projects I look after must be completed within budget and deadline.
Understanding the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals.
Goals are very important in our business as they establish where we intend to go.
Our goal at Absolute is to be the number one supplier ...view middle of the document...

We will set up a KPI to monitor what suppliers delivery on time. If a supplier is currently meeting deadlines 70% of the time, this will need to be improved by 10% within a 6 month period. This will relate to my second point, we may be able to help improve the efficiency from the information received back on the feedback forms.
4.To reduce the number of reprints that are at our cost. Last year we reprinted 25 different jobs due to various errors - we will aim to reduce this figure to 15 over the next 12 month period. For every reprint we will record what errors were made and look at how to eliminate these errors on future jobs. Eg. making sure all fonts are embedded within PDFs when sending artwork to press.
A long term objective is to implement ISO 12647 - We want to implement this scheme so our clients know that they can trust us in managing the colour of their projects regardless of the substrate and process. This will also save us money on material, make ready times on press and waste. We will aim to reduce our waste by 10% over an 18 month period which at the moment equates to approx £5000 per year. The quality of the printed jobs will be up to a measureable standard.
ISO 12647 will save our clients money and time as well as improving our production process.
There are many responsibilities that the middle managers and I have at Absolute. If I use the Production Manager at Absolute as an example for some of the responsibilities:
The Production Manager must be responsible for the smooth running of projects, it is very important that all project deadlines are met, budgets are met and profit margins are maintained. This ultimately ensures the clients are happy and will continue to place work with us, this also ensures the business stays above water financially and most importantly, we all keep our jobs and get paid.
An example of the above is the Ted Baker Look book SS13, I sourced the stock from GF smith and Fenner after negotiating a good price, I collated the material, print, finishing, and distribution costs together, applied mark up and submitted the quote. Once this was approved by Ted Baker I pushed our suppliers down a little bit more before placing the order, to help our profit margin. We aim to achieve 30-40% mark up with most jobs, resulting in approx. 6% profit after overhead etc… are taken into account.
It is important at Absolute that the Production Manager is dependable and can also motivate other members of the team, this will create a happy working environment and help the company achieve its goals.
It is critical that the Production Manager at Absolute communicates effectively with everyone involved in their projects. eg. It is important to make sure the production team is giving the warehouse staff instructions that they understand. This must be a two way communication with feedback. He must ensure the team hands over packing and distribution instructions to the logistics manager and make sure he...

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