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Understanding The Management Role In The City And Guilds Of London Institute

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Understanding the Management Role in the City and Guilds of London Institute (‘City & Guilds’)

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The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders 2
Purpose of City & Guilds 2
Key stakeholders 2
Structure of City & Guilds 3
Rationale for structure 4
The role of management in achieving goals 5
City & Guilds goals 5
Responsibilities of middle managers in City & Guilds 5
Manager’s responsibilities linked to organisational goals 6
Effect of communications and interpersonal relationships on 7
managerial performance

Importance of interpersonal relationships 7
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‘Our vision is to enable people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth’ (City & Guilds Customer Service Statement, October 2011).
1.2 Key stakeholders
At a functional level, every team in City & Guilds is a key internal stakeholder. However, at Governance level, the affairs of City & Guilds are governed by the Trustee Board. The Trustee Board is responsible for ensuring that City & Guilds fulfils its primary Charter, charitable and business purposes. It considers and approves the strategic plan which sets the objectives of City & Guilds and identifies the financial, physical and human resources, along with the quality parameters necessary to achieve those objectives.

The key external stakeholders can be grouped as follows:
* Regulators – these are the UK regulators responsible for standards of general and vocational education for their respective countries:
* England – Ofqual
* Northern Ireland – CCEA
* Scotland – SQA
* Wales – Welsh Government

Their purpose is to ensure that qualifications offered by awarding organisations are fit for purpose and are in line with the skills strategies of the relevant countries. They will take appropriate action where they can justify there are weaknesses within an awarding organisation when risks are identified that aversely affect a learner, for example, incorrect assessment materials.

* Professional and standard setting bodies – these define the standards of competence needed for a sector, or the national occupational standards (NOS). City & Guilds take these standards as the core of a qualification and develop these into assessable qualifications.
* Centres – organisations such as schools, colleges and training providers who are accountable to City & Guilds for assessment arrangements leading to a qualification.
* Trade associations – these include the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB), representing all vocational awarding organisations, and the Joint Council for General Qualifications (JCQ) who represent all those awarding organisations who offer general qualifications. Their purpose is to provide a forum to represent all awarding organisations in collectively establishing dialogue with government bodies on key issues affecting education, encouraging positive relationships between awarding organisations and ensuring common interests across awarding organisations are effectively communicated to the regulators and other key stakeholders.
1.3 Structure of City & Guilds
The management hierarchy of City & Guilds is; Director General, Directors, Heads of Function, Middle Managers (typically, but not exceptionally, referred to as Senior Managers), Managers, Co-ordinators, Administrators. However, the diagram below shows the high level structure of the organisation:

1.4 Rationale for structure
City & Guilds is made up of groups, or functions, as above, and is very much focused on...

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