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Understanding Security Essay

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Diploma Assignment Module Two
Understanding Security (Remote Monitoring)

Assignment Two
I am currently employed as a Regional Security Manager working for a global logistics company my role was to have direct responsibility for security throughout the middle of the UK and Ireland. Since the security initiative I am going to discuss my role has changed and I now look after Security Projects on a national basis.
Like any company in this day and age we are always looking at ways of cost saving, this has been an important ...view middle of the document...

The first thing we did was to agree that we needed to reduce physical security but at the same time improve the electronic solution in order that it would replace the physical loss but could deal with our needs. For that reason we formed a project team, identified a site project manager and a team of department heads such as Warehouse, Transport, H&S, IT, Electronic Security suppliers and Maintenance, this was important as we needed the” buy in” and sponsorship from these departments to make the solution work.
Initially it was difficult due to the age old issue of no-one” liking change” and of course some of the departments had passed on non security duties to the guards which they didn’t really want to take back into their daily remit. We also had to look at what the Security Officers were actually doing on a daily basis which were not necessarily deemed as Security duties and could be controlled by the site internally without creating a security breach or weakening the ingress/egress of visitors, goods in or goods going out. Another issue of course was controlling employees of which there could be up to 300+ on a daily basis.
I already had professional electronic suppliers who were procured and had all of the required accreditations such as NSI Gold and most importantly had a good understanding of the type of systems I was looking for to run alongside and work with the protocols of the existing electronic systems that were already in place. Most of our sites had been using the Pelco equipment that I knew was robust and fit for purpose and would work with most other Remote Monitoring equipment. IP Cameras were also coming onto the market and although the fixed camera was proving positive at the time IP dome cameras were needing further improvements for that reason I also needed to look for a HYBRED solution to make any possible future site projects work in the correct effective manner.
Together with the suppliers I identified the Platform that we needed to use to and decided on a ADPRO system that not only would be future proof but would stand up to our requirements. There was also the bigger picture for us as a company because I knew there would be other cost savings to be made in the future and this would aide us when using the platform as an energy saving method. (Another project for the future)
The first physical thing we did was to have procurement on board who assisted us to update the contracts we had with the existing guarding companies this had to include a clause in the contract that we were not responsible for any redundancy cost should the guarding company not be able to relocate the existing staff some of whom had been on sites for many years. This was one of the important issues when making the cost savings and making them quickly rather than over a five year period.
The next stage was to create a site plan and plot where we needed to put the security solutions such as, fencing, gates, barriers, further cameras,...

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