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Understanding Privacy Issues In Cyberspace Essay

1501 words - 7 pages

Understanding Privacy Issues in Cyberspace
Corley S. Bradford Jr.
University of Maryland University College CSEC 610
Dr. Hanners
Due Date: April 27, 2014

Table of Contents

Understanding Privacy Issues in Cyberspace 3
AT&T Wireless 4
Cricket Wireless 5
Verizon Wireless 6
Comparing and Contrasting private polices 7
Recommended Policy Changes 7
Conclusion 7
References 8

Understanding Privacy Issues in Cyberspace
The history of mobile devices dates all the way back to the early 1970s, originating with Motorola being one of the first companies to develop these devices. This mobile technology allowed for communications to become more reliable and robust, ...view middle of the document...

Although new mobile technology promotes flexibility and reliability it also comes at a price of privacy issues as well. In this paper, this writer will attempt to correlate how the use of mobile devices increases privacy concerns within various organizations. Additionally, the writer will provide a brief analysis on the following organization: Verizon, Cricket and AT&T Wireless mission statement and compare and contrast details of each stated privacy policy. Furthermore, this writer will recommend private policy changes by using sensitive customer information to increase corporate profitability and advantage, and more importantly how to safeguard consumer information to evade potential privacy or liability issues.
AT&T Wireless
AT&T’s mission is to develop technical improvements for the advantage of its customers and AT&T by executing next generation (NEX-GEN) technology and network progression in services and operations [ (AT&T, 2014) ]. Formerly known as Cingular Wireless from 2000-2007, AT&T was established in the year 2000. As of today, AT&T happens to be the Second largest voice and data network mobile communications company in the United States with Approx 111.5 million subscribers [ (AT&T, 2014) ]and Verizon Wireless being the largest with Approx 103.3 million subscribers [ (Verizon Wireless, 2014) ]. However, AT&T mobile network is known for its advanced multi-tasking capable network, unlike other wireless companies. Such features allow consumer to use voice and data simultaneously, this allows talking, texting, and surfing the internet all at the same time. AT&T continues to pursue NEX-GEN innovation like no other wireless company and continues to lead innovations to provide consumers with the best products and network reliability [ (AT&T, 2014) ]
Moreover, AT&T continues to remain transparent with it privacy policies procedure which provide consumers with a sense of security when it comes to their personal data [ (AT&T, 2014) ]. In addition, you can also review a synopsis of AT&T privacy policy on the website, under FAQ privacy policy, because the company understands that policies are long, complex, and can be difficult to understand at times. Therefore, AT&T enhanced readability for all consumers’ by focusing on sentence structure and terminology, so that the privacy policy can be interpreted with ease (AT&T, 2014)
Cricket Wireless
Cricket wireless was established in 1998, with a company motto of “Half is more.” As of today, this company has approx 4.8 million wireless subscribers, who enjoy the benefits of Crickets no commitment contracts [ (Cricket Wireless, 2014) ]. This includes some of the best service options on smart phones for a fraction of the price of the competition such as unlimited text, data, and talk [ (Cricket Wireless, 2014) ]. Conversely, anything that is cheap comes with potential consequences, and in this case, the...

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