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Understanding Poetry Essay

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Activity 1, page 108
Understanding poetry
a) In the first stanza, the author describes a school in Collegelands, an area in Armagh. It’s about a boy called Joseph Mary Plunkett Ward that was often absent. His name stood for an Irish Nationalist who was executed after the Easter Rising. The teacher teased the boy behind his back, and mocked his background. The teacher calls him our little Ward-of-court, which means a child that’s not emancipated.

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The teacher sent him out and then started to beat Ward. No one ever told.

The third stanza, the narrator tells about when Ward is grown up, and describes a meeting with ward and the speaker of the poem. Ward lived now in a secret camp on the other side of the border. And no he was called Joe Ward, and is a commander now. And every morning he makes the Irish people raise their hand and call out the world “Anseo” to show that they are present.
b) The poem was set in the 60? And I don’t think that a teacher would beat up a students in our school these days, but if a teacher could easily mock a student by his looks, religions or background.
c) The impression it gives me is bad, really bad. That one teacher that’s supposed to be a grown up you can trust on, lays a hand on an innocent boy is really bad. But its comforts me that its some years ago, and I know it’s was common those days, but hopefully not now.
d) In the second stanza the most disturbing incident is when the teacher hits Ward..
e) I found out that after being a bulling target for years, hi is a really strong person when he’s grown up.
f) Ff
g) I think that bulling and that people can work them self up again is one of the main points in this poem.On other main point in the poem is The Norther Irelad Conflict.
h) ?

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