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First of all I would like to congratulate you on your appointment and wish you every success in your new position.
Contained in this briefing note is information which will help you gain knowledge and understanding of NHS Highland as an organisation services and how HR aims to support its strategy
Introduction (purpose and goals)
NHS Highland, in common with all Scottish health boards, has a huge advantage in being responsible for the total health needs of the population and for integrated care. This means it is responsible for better health of communities through population wide and individually focused initiatives to maximise health and prevent illness; for better care ...view middle of the document...


* Government decisions and spending cuts will all have direct effect on the over all health strategy that NHS Highland aims to provide.


* NHS Highland like all health boards, faces enormous challenges due to budget, at a time when the public sector expenditure is severely constrained.


* A healthier population, living longer create new pressures for the NHS. Growing population puts strain on the demand for care.
* Employment and unemployment levels can affect the service in terms of staff shortages and service demand.
* Patient feedback surveys
* The competition from private healthcare offering alternative services.


* Technological advances affect the way things are done within NHS Highland. Health technology is continuously advancing and NHS Highland need to keep up to remain competitive and enable them to deliver quality services.
* New discoveries in terms of drugs, equipment and practice are being discovered all the time.


* NHS highland have to keep up with the Constant change in Employment Law and legislation in terms of managing staff, if not followed then it could lead to tribunal.


* Using modern, flexible, efficient, green assets to maximise effect of the organisation. The continuous need to look at greener ways to deliver services and reduce the carbon footprint. Infection can have a massive impact on a Hospital so Infection Control is massively important.
* Weather can be a factor that affects NHS Highland, especially in the winter. Harsh winters increases risk of illness and accidents.

NHS Highland’s Structure
NHS Highland is a Public Sector Healthcare Organisation compiled into business units. Raigmore, South and Mid, North and West. Corporate Services aims to provide support to these units.

I have included a high level organisation chart which can be seen at Appendix 1

Provided below is a brief description of how some of the functions in NHS Highland work together within the organisation to optimise performance and support the organisations strategy.
Health and Safety
* NHS Highland aims to be an exemplar employer which places the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff, patients, visitors and others at the forefront of its approach at all times. The NHS Highlands Health and Safety Team, which includes theViolence and Aggression, the Moving and Handling Teams,provide a range of expert advice, support and training all staff and managers. Health and Safety Managers are devolved and located in their operational units to provide the service where it is needed most.
* Health and Safety’s primary role is to prevent injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by our work activities. To achieve this Health and Safety staff need to support managers and others who create risk, to plan, deliver, monitor and review their health and safety arrangements, for their staff,...

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