Understanding Human Behavior At Work Is The Single Most Important Requirement In Managerial Success

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Managers are required to be equipped with certain skills in order to efficiently and effectively manage an organization. One of these is the management of human resources in the organization. It involves the organization of people in an organization for the attainment of its goals and objectives. However, people differ in attitudes, values, personality and behavior. These differences bring about problems in an organization. It is therefore important that managers should understand the behavior of each individual that composes the organization, including their own behavior. Some people even say that this is the single most important requirement that a manager should have in order for him to attain success in management. Does this contention by some people of management success acceptable?
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For this reason, it is an important skill for a manager to develop a sense of understanding as to how each of the individual in the organization tends to behave. Managers must have the ability to know how each of the people in the organization might react and act on a certain situation. The simple understanding of the feelings of each member of the organization may lead him into success in managing such organization. Understanding the individuals’ differences may make the manager able to influence such persons to develop more productivity in the work. Such knowledge also enables a manager to foster an environment in the organization which can be positive for many, if not all, individuals whose differences have been identified. In this manner, the manager may attain management success in his organization.
However, human skill and understanding the behavior of individuals in the organization are not the only skills that are much important in attaining managerial success. There are also other requirements which could be coined to be “one of the most important” for managerial success. The ability to allocate non-human resources among different organizational activities given their scarcity within the organization is also one of the most important requirements for managerial success. The ability to effectively and efficiently plan for the organization is also one of the most important requirements for the success of the manager. The ability to effectively communicate with people within and outside the organization may also be considered as one of the most important requirement for managerial success.
My contention here therefore is that understanding human behavior in any organization is not just the single most important requirement for the success of the manager. There are still other management skills which are required of a manager for him to be successful. And I believe that those which I have mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph should work hand in hand with the human skill of a manager for him to be a more successful manager in any organization that he manages.

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