Understanding Clients And How To Work With Them

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Understanding Clients and How to Work With Them
Lori A. Cordero-Green
August 25, 2014
John Beazoglou

Understanding Clients and How to Work With Them
As a human service professional we need to remember that understanding out client’s problems and how we work with them will go hand in hand. The clients we will work will come from different backgrounds, different ways of understanding their problems, different cultures, they will also have different ways of communication with the professional about their problems. As professionals we will have to remember this and to use different skills to help each client that will come into an agency asking for help or clients that have ...view middle of the document...

Clients could come to an agency with troubled feelings because they have a drug or alcohol problem and they now realize that they need a chance in their life. When a client is addicted to drugs and alcohol this also can lead to being homeless, being hungry, no connection with family any longer. Once we have come to an understanding with the client about their problem we will have to see if the help the clients receives is going to be long term or short term.
Now that as professionals we understand some of the problems client will come in will we need

to have an understanding of the skills professionals will need to work with clients. The

Professional will need communication skills, this can be in nonverbal or verbal communication.

When understanding nonverbal communicating, we also communicate unconsciously in a

nonverbal fashion (Marianne Woodside, 2011). When looking at a conversation between two

people 65% of the meaning is carried nonverbal (Marianne Woodside, 2011). So we need to look

at some of the ways of nonverbal communication, making eye contact, listening, smiling,

nodding one’s head, leaning forward, maintaining a relaxed posture, facing the client, displaying

facial expressions, and being punctual are all ways of nonverbal communication. Also with

nonverbal communication there are cue and their possible meanings, in the chart we can see

some of them.

Cue Meaning
Lifting an eyebrow Disbelief
Lowering eyebrows Uneasiness, suspicion
Lifting both eyebrows Surprise
Eye contact Interest, confidence
Winking an eye Intimacy
Slapping forehead Forgetfulness
Rubbing the nose Puzzlement
Turning up corners of mouth Happiness
Cocking head to one side Friendly, human
Little or no head and/or hand movements Cool, no emotion
Raised shoulders Fear
Retracted shoulders Suppressed anger
Square shoulders Responsibility
Bowed shoulders Carrying a burden
Shrugging shoulders Indifference
Sitting with arms and legs crossed Withdrawal, resistance
Clasping arms ...

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