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Understanding And Preparation Of Earthquake Essay

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Understanding and Preparation of Earthquake
An earthquake is a sudden movement of the Earth's lithosphere (its crust and upper mantle) by the release of build-up energy “in the form of low – frequency sound waves (seismic waves)” along geological faults or by volcanic activity. There are three types of the seismic wave: “primary (P) waves have a push – pull type of vibration, secondary (S) waves have a slide – to – slide types of vibration, and combination of primary (P) and secondary (S) of vibrations (HarperCollins Publishers, 2003). It can be measuring by the Richter scale.
An earthquake is a natural geological phenomenon and more than 30,000 earthquakes that ...view middle of the document...

Lastly, central time zone has not much of the earthquake distribution.
According to Seismic – risk map shows high risk areas are near plate boundaries along the West Coast and region of the interior region, including the region surrounding New Madrid, Missouri (digital Geology .net, p-19). Following list are top earthquake states first to last; Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Oregon.
I am living center of metropolitan city of Los Angeles, California. Our city is relatively high risk of earthquake, which it is indicated by “red”. The USGS reported that there are many small earthquakes around the world, magnitude of 2.0 (off shore of Northern California) to 7.0 (the North of Coast of Papua Indonesia).During past seven days (June 23, 2010 to June 29, 2010), California alone has three earthquakes, including offshore and Baja California.
An earthquake distribution pattern around world is most around Pacific Coastal line of Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. Asia map, located at 39.705 degree North and 142.523 degree east, which is near the East Coast of Honshu Japan, and has an earthquake magnitude of 6.4 on July 04, 2010.
I would be enjoying living area of red zone and willing to reside in area of an earthquake hot zone. Because many of earthquake red zone are either located or surround of coastal line of Pacific Oceans. For example, most two top states of an earthquake are Hawaii and California. I personally like tropical weather and sunshine. I would not change for other.
If I and my family were force to relocate to red area. I will be preparing by educating myself and my family for coming earthquake using guideline provide from the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The six guidelines are: “check for hazard in the home, identify safe places indoors and outdoors, educate myself and family member, have disaster supplies on hand, develop an...

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