Understand The Personal Attributes Valued By Employer

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Understand the personal attributes valued by employer

I’m going to write about the personal attributes, most employers look for in work.

Self-Motivation: is key attribute employers look for in an employee. Self-motivation means the key to someone to motivate themselves on what they want to achieve. For example if I want to go achieve my target in media I have to work hard so I motivate myself to gain information and research more.

Leadership: having leadership qualities allows you to proceed in your job, maybe then giving you the qualities as a manger. Leadership means that you can take control of group of people or major or small companies this is a very good key attribute for ...view middle of the document...

Having excellent punctuality will symbolise that you’re a good employee and have a professional work standard. An example doctors need to have excellent punctuality for them to carry on their career.

Problem solving: being able to deal with or get around and tackle massive obstacles without having the trouble or the urge to quit, also solving the obstacle without difficulty. Employers believe that it’s good if you’re available to solve problems easily. Maths teachers need to be available to solve maths problems to be available to make the pupils understand the work.
Determination: having the attribute to not give up but carry on and keep going giving all your effort in to your work or sport etc… employer look for determination in people to see if they have the skill on succeeding and not giving up on their work. Athletes for instance Usain Bolt he has the determination to be available to beat his world record every time the Olympics’ held so he trains and trains to push himself to the limit.

Independent worker: someone who can work by themselves,...

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