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Understand Security Essay

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Understanding Security
Introduction .
Security management and systems have often been perceived as a non –productive expensive capital overhead by the stakeholders of companies and a hindrance to employees.
The purpose of this assignment is to, Identify what is seen as the main purpose of security management and discuss what is meant by the statement ‘security measures must be commensurate with the threat’.

Judgements on risk are made by almost all of us on a daily basis, this may be something as simple as crossing the road, subconsciously we adopt a thought process, how fast is the traffic moving? Is it wet? What is the distance needed to travel to safety? Once this ...view middle of the document...

In today’s climate where unemployment is at record highs and crime rates are at potentially the highest levels seen, we can no longer rely on, a drastically reduced local Police force or private guarding companies.
Therefore it has become more cost effective for organisations to manage the risk of security sensitive areas by the implementation of measures internally.
To successfully script a Security Management plan it is important to follow the phases below:
1. Planning and Strategy : How will it be written and who will view and be required to finance
2. Assessment: How the business organisation critical assets are defined and mitigation to the risks developed and the rationale behind the thought processes
3. Design: Details the design intent and details a cost effective way to provide the best security solution to mitigate understood risks.
4. Implementation and Review: Compliance checks to ensure that the project systems are implemented as per design intent and review for effectiveness.
Security management plan outlines the standards that a company or organisation and its employees are expected to willingly adopt. In addition the security management procedures must take into account, the type of business, the country that the organisation is operating in and any international /local regulatory body additional requirements.
Security Management processes from organisation to organisation will differ and be tailored to suit however the basic guidelines for identifying critical business assets are carried out in the form of an initial risk assessment and threat analysis. From the results of this assessment and analysis the security management recommendations and proposals will start to form the basis of the security management policy and procedures. The primary concern of a security management process lays with the protection of company assets that have been identified in the risk assessment of course this will include premises , Plant , Information and money however it is important to note that it shall encompass employees that can suffer injury. Security for any organisation has diverse implications and more importantly employers can face prosecution from their failure to protect their employees from the risk of harm which could result in adverse publicity and law suits. This follows the implementation of the health and safety at work legislation where it identifies the legal requirement of an employer to protect its employees against workplace violence. The security management procedures therefore are written to protect the organisation against such events and additionally it lends itself to sound financial sense and good management practice.
From the results of the Risk analysis and threat assessment the first principle of security is addressed which is the balance of measures appropriate to risk. Post the risk analysis completion an exercise in risk reduction is conducted; this is where the general methods of reducing the risk...

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