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Understand Partenership Working In Services For Children And Younge People

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Understanding partnership working in services for children and young people
1. Working in partnership with others is important because it can be very positive for the children and young people concerned, it can have a beneficial impact on the children’s and young people’s health, development, learning and relationships. It is important to work with parents, carers and guardians because these are the primary carers for children which means that they understand the children’s needs the most as they know them best. It is also important to work in partnership with professionals as they are qualified in what they do and will know more about their aspect of work such as a speech therapist. ...view middle of the document...

Some people may not be used to sharing information, therefore it must be ensured everyone has their own space to work so that they don’t feel suffocated. Each different professional may use their own jargon, therefor there should be an area for meetings so that everyone understands their use of language

5. Effective communication between partners is required to ensure that everyone can work towards the same aim and achieve the best outcomes for the child and their family. It is also to ensure that all views and ideas are discussed and shared to be considered. Effective communication is key so that all important information can be shared to improve knowledge which will result in the best support for the child.

Also if a child or young person attends more than one setting for example:
* A child receives support from an educational psychologist and is attending a day care nursery
* A child is looked after by a child minder and is also attending a speech and language centre
* A child who is autistic is in a mainstream KS1 class and also has a learning support assistant

6. Within the work setting you can share information policies and procedures with colleagues, parents and carers, community groups, other agencies and other settings. A policy for...

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