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Understand Customers Needs While Selling Overseas

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In order to be successful and in particular in trading overseas it is necessary to find the right market and the way how to approach it, which can be done by thorough research of the foreign market and how the product will be fit within this market. Without this knowledge entering a market can lead to expensive mistakes.
One should consider carefully the customers who will buy the product, the competition and the overal market situation (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors). Also such practical issues as route to market, logistics, regulation and local suppliers in the chosen market should be investigated.
Concerinng the customers one should try to ...view middle of the document...

The most effective way of carrying out a survey is typically with face-to-face interviews, but phone interviews, online questionnaires and postal surveys are also possibilities.

· A discussion - often held in small focus groups. Discussions are good for qualitative research as they allow you to explore people's attitudes in more detail.

· Observation, to investigate what people do rather than what they say. For example, look at how shoppers react when they pass a particular point-of-sale display.

· An experiment - for example if the product is a new model of a household devise, it can be lent to a customer and ask for feedback.

These researches can be made by exporter himseld if he has sufficient knowledge and experience for that. Aternatively it is possible to employ a market research agency or freelance...

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