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Underline Causes To Wwi Essay

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There were numerous underline causes to the start of World War I. Although the most straight forward answer that most people give of the cause to World War I would be the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife, hire Serbia, while they were traveling in Austria-Hungary. This was what was actually started the war but it was the other many things that fell under this that caused it, if the other ‘underline’ causes were not there this would have most likely been a civil war between the two countries instead it sparked a world wide war.
There two different types of nationalism. The first type is the desire of subject peoples for independence. This led ...view middle of the document...

Italy wanted Tunis and Tripoli in northern Africa, but this brought conflicts with France because Tunis was adjacent to the French colony, Algeria, and was long regarded by France as French sphere of influence. Italy also wanted Italia Irredenta--Trieste, Trentio and Tyrol. Although the majority of the people in these places were Italians, they were kept under the rule of the Dual Monarchy. Thus Italy came into serious conflicts with Austria-Hungary.
Austria-Hungary was established as the Dual Monarchy in 1867. The Dual Monarchy ruled over a large empire consisting of many nationalities, including Italian, but only the Austrians (actually German) and the Hungarians had the right to rule. The other nationalities Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs, Croats, Rumanians and Poles resented their loss of political freedom. They desired for political independence. Therefore the policy of the Dual Monarchy was to suppress the nationalist movements both inside and outside the empire. The particular object of the Dual Monarchy was to gain political control over the Balkan Peninsula, where nationalist movements were extensive and were always giving encouragement to the nationalist movements within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The center of the nationalist movements in the Balkans was Serbia. Serbia always hoped to unite with the Serbs in the Austro-Hungarian Empire so as to create a large Serbian state. Therefore the first enemy of Austria-Hungary from 1871 to 1914 was Serbia. Besides Serbia, Austria-Hungary also hated Russia because Russia, being a Slav country, always backed up Serbia in any Austro-Serbian disputes.
Russia was the largest and most heavily populated country in Europe. Russia extended from the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the shores of the Black Sea and from the Baltic Sea eastwards to the Pacific Ocean. Two thirds of her people were Slavs. Russia was still territorially ambitious, and wanted to expand in all directions. In 1870, Russia broke the Treaty of Paris and renewed its aggression in the Balkans. Therefore Russia’s territorial ambitions clashed with the interests of Austria-Hungary and Britain. However, Russia did not retreat. Being a 'landlocked' state, it wanted to acquire warm water ports in the Balkans (Constantinople). Additionally, as most of the Balkan people were of the Slavic race, Russia could claim to be the protector of its “brother races” in its expansion.
France had been the dominant power in Europe for centuries. Napoleon I and Napoleon III had attempted to dominate Europe. In 1871, France was defeated by Germany. France had to lose two provinces Alsace and Lorraine, which they were very angry about and held a grudge for. France also needed to pay heavy indemnities. From 1871 onwards, France's greatest ambition was to recover Alsace and Lorraine from Germany. France also wanted to prevent another defeat by Germany, to recover its national prestige by acquiring overseas colonies (Morocco) and to make alliances with other...

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