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Underage Drinking Essay

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Should we change the drinking age?

There has been many questions on the drinking age in the United States. Why should we be able to vote and not be able to drink?, Why should we fight for our country but we cant have a drink?. Some people believe that the age we drink 21 suddenly means that we are mature enough to handle the responsibility of drinking safely. In this short essay I will give my opinions on ...view middle of the document...

There are countless of accidents and deaths because of underage drinking. Some are due to car accidents, suicide and even simple accidents caused from the drunken state of mind of an inexperienced young adult. I believe that underage drinking is often a reality do to the fact that it is exciting. It is the idea that it is bad that makes tennagers want to drink. I personally can say that I drank underage because it was an answer to boredom caused by a small town and not very many options. I believe that if the drinking age was lowered from 21 to 18 that for one it would cut down on the criminal side. instead of people stealing alcohol or finding a buyer they could buy it themselves. It also would be more fitting for society. I think it is embarassing that we allow a 18 year old person to die fighting for thier country, to vote for a president, and to be a responsible, working, contributing citizen, but not allow them to buy alcohol.
So in closing I say lower the drinking age. Allow our young adults to be adults as we see them. Make America a country that makes sense. Last but not least treat them as they are expected to be.

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