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Under The Influence Essay

1174 words - 5 pages

Andrew Lam
Professor Singer
Expository Writing 201
9 October 2015
Hazel Morse and Alcohol
Alcohol is portrayed as a social lubricant in that it brings people together: it loosens people up and makes them more sociable. It can transform the quietest and reserved person into an open and outgoing one. Alcohol can also be used to escape life and all its problems for a little while. Although alcohol can enhance a person’s social performance and help escape reality, indulging too much in alcohol can have its negative effects. Too much alcohol can lead to dependence on the substance, which creates an addiction. An addiction is something, be it a substance or an activity, which gives a person ...view middle of the document...

However, the marriage was not what Hazel Morse hoped it would be. “First they [Herbie and Hazel] were lovers; and then, it seemed without transition, they were enemies. She never understood” (134). Hazel Morse never realized that Herbie married her because she was a good sport: he liked that she was fun and laughed at all his jokes. But when she slowly abandoned that good sport façade, Herbie lost interest in her and began to go out drinking on his own to find excitement and laughter. Hazel Morse became distressed that she and Herbie were fighting constantly and that Herbie would consistently leave her for long periods of time. To reconnect with her husband, Hazel Morse begins to drink even though “she had never needed to drink, formerly” (136). “They [Herbie and Hazel] both felt it might restore her high spirits, and their good times together might again be possible” (136). The first couple of drinks did bring Herbie and Hazel Morse closer: they were able to loosen up and become happy, but as they consumed more alcohol, they began to fight. This was the start, unbeknownst to Hazel, of her alcohol addiction because she could never recall the day she began drinking.
Her marriage did not get better with alcohol because Herbie would still leave her for days to drink. But “somewhere in her head or heart was the lazy, nebulous hope that things would change and she and Herbie settle suddenly into soothing married life” (137). This naïve thought and loneliness caused Hazel Morse to commence drinking alone, “little short drinks all through the day” (137). Hazel has used alcohol to escape from reality: she used alcohol to numb the pain caused by her marriage. To continue the addiction, Hazel Morse began to drink with Mrs. Martin and “The Boys” from across the hall. The alcohol transformed Hazel Morse into a sociable person again because she “became lively and good-natured and audacious” (137). The alcohol helped Hazel Morse become the good sport that she was before her marriage. She would “drink enough to cloud her most recent battle with Herbie” (138) and with that “The Boys” approved of her and she quickly became popular. Hazel Morse is now dependent on alcohol to cope with her struggling marriage and to impress “The Boys.” Instead of confronting the issue,...

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