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Under The Black Flag Essay

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Cordingly, David. Under The Black Flag: The Romance And The Reality Of Life Among The Pirates. Harcourt, Inc.: Orlando, FL, 1997.
Part 1: Summary
The point of this book was to put aside the myths about pirates and replace them with facts. There are many fictional myths about pirates and their lives on the sea. Many books and movies have built pirates up to be romantical heroes instead of the ruthless savages they were, so this book focuses on separating fact from fiction about life as a pirate.
Many plays and books such as Peter Pan, Treasure Island, and many others have used pirates as characters for many years. Many of us grew up watching pirates on television, but most of ...view middle of the document...

Pirates lusted for wealth, and they would go to the far extreme in search for it. Although some pirates were not as barbaric as others, they were all criminals who broke the law.
Also included in this book is what happened to pirates when they were caught by the government. If convicted of piracy it often meant a sure death by hanging. Many times the bodies of pirates were hung over harbors and around ports as a warning of the consequences of being a pirate. The government hoped that these drastic measures would help quell the raids of pirates. So this book lets us know that even though pirates have a romanticized appearance, in all reality they were criminals who had their own way of life.
Part 2: Personal Analysis
This book is awesome. I had the mot fun reading it than I’ve had in awhile. This book was very interesting, and it made learning about pirates fun rather than just dumping a lot of facts on you. It helps the public experience the mentality of the pirate. Even though pirates were usually oppressed seamen who turned to piracy, they were still ruthless, stone-cold criminals.
This book uses a lot of literature and fabricated stories, but the reason for this is because there is not a lot of documentation of pirates. Some facts have been changed around while the stories were being retold, and this is the main point of the book; to get back to the root of who pirates really were. One example of pirate mentality is when Captain Cary’s ship was attacked by pirates. “Captain Cary was told that the pirates had no intention of accepting the King’s pardon, and if they should ever be overpowered they would set fire to the gunpowder with a pistol, and go all merrily to Hell together” (Cordingly, David 106). To me this sentence just about sums up how pirates felt about living life and obeying authority. From this book I gathered that pirates were usually rebellious seamen who turned to violence and thievery.
Another reason I liked this...

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