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Unbroken: World War 2 Prisoners Of War Controversies

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Controversies of prisoners of war

The book “Unbroken” was a seemingly impossible tale of triumph and survival of an Olympic runner and WWII veteran named Louis Zamperini. He constantly had to overcome adversity in his early years, for he was an immigrant from Italy and a trouble maker before his brother Pete steered him into running track. This immediately turned him around as he did well enough to in running to break all sorts if local records, which were accomplished while his competitors were trying to sabotage his runs. This qualified him for the 1936 Olympic in Berlin, where he met Hitler. He still had running aspirations but felt he had no choice other than fighting in the world ...view middle of the document...

After Louis found out that the Bird was free he didn’t have any bad feelings about it, he simply continued to flourish in his life by continuing to exercise and just recently running the Olympic torch in his hand in, of all places, Japan. How I chose to write about the POW camps was because of the prevalence and relevance it had through and with the book, Louis’ life. The reason why I chose about the POW camps and the affects it had on Louis was because throughout reading the book, it is evident that those camps made Louis into the person that he is today and brought the drive to survive out of him. I say this because it is amazing that for someone who’s been through so much negativity of the Bird and the POW camps can expel that negativity and turn it into positivity through his forgiveness, which allowed him to have no persisting angered feelings. For he knows that God will judge and that holding on to the anger will only continue to cause him pain. I feel that a person can only truly realize this after someone brings tremendous negativity upon you him or her and it doesn’t break that person. So, Louis came to this realization because of the Bird and the POW camps both of which he forgave, thus completing his mental, spiritual, and psychological journey and healing process that defines him as the human being he is today. Louis would not be as complete of a person if he had not gone through those camps and ended in forgiveness and overall dignity. I believe that is the underlying theme or message of the book, which is why I chose the POW camps as my research topic.
Louie being a prisoner of war definitely took a lot out of him physically, but there was much more than just physical affects. Everyone who experienced being a Prisoner of War were followed by physical, psychological and spiritual affects, and also affects that made them feel less than a person. Louie’s journey was no different. The physical affects were terrible, Louie had little food and water so he lost an extreme amount of weight. This was compounded with beating with first and kicks. The prison guards didn’t care, they made the POW’s work long, free labor hours. There were no medicines to treat any sick or injured so, if you were hurt you would most likely end up dead. All this horrible treatment truly affected Louie psychological as well. During the imprisonment he managed to stay strong mentally by not going crazy enough to kill himself and also by staying sane enough to be strategically incompliant in the interrogation rooms to let the interrogators feel satisfied while not relinquishing U.S. security. This psychological strength didn’t last long after Louie got out of the prison camps though, for he had constant reminding of “The Bird” and the evils that happened to him by daydreams and nightmares. This is commonly known as post-traumatic stress disorder. After he found out bird was still alive, Louie tried to forget and put the past behind him but the feeling of anxiety...

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