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Unassuming Leadership: Those We Coose To Follow

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Unassuming Leadership: Those We Choose to Follow
Erin Hassen
Walden University
April 6, 2014
The most effective leaders have followers that choose to follow them. The followers in these situations must feel trusted and valued by their leaders. Integrity is essential to the maintenance of this kind of relationship, and must be demonstrated in both words and deeds. Even a leader in a high position, as an owner or an executive, must stay true to his or her own personal values, as well as aligning with the goals and values of the company, and those they employ. This allows the leader to identify with the followers and to stay grounded. The leaders represented demonstrate this to ...view middle of the document...

He effectively listens, to the verbal and non verbal, and remains transparent, both with verbal communication and through demonstration in the decisions he makes and his actions. He also demonstrates situational leadership everyday. I have seen him employ these various styes with followers, and I have seen his style with me personally, change over the course of my career with him. When I started working for him, I came from a department that encouraged the employees to be passive and conformist, simply carrying out orders (Bjugstad, 2006). My boss took the time to be participative with me, while training me to become a more independent and self-sufficient employee. In the beginning, it seemed as though he had more confidence in me than I had in myself. He realized that I needed more confidence to be more self-directed, and while I am still getting used to being valued for what I think, I have come a long way. He also demonstrates a number of attributes of varying syles including authoritative, democratic and coaching (Goleman, 2000). He demonstrates authoritative leadership by motivating people to move toward a common goal. He clearly portrays where we are going, and how each of us are a key part in getting there. All of his employees feel value, and are committed to the goal. When looking at a democratic style of leadership, he demonstrates this by meeting with his employees on a regular basis to hear their concerns, problems, and their solutions. When necessary, he will also use the coaching style of leadership to help employees identify their strengths and weaknesses (Goleman, 2000, p 87). Each year, he sits down with each employee to discuss goals and objetives for the year, and subsequently meets mid- and end- year to discuss the progress and pathway for these goals. These goals contain not only business and department objectives, but personal development and career objectives. In this manner, he demonstrates the value of each employee by showing them interest in what they can be, and what they can accomplish.
Another aspect of this leader’s style is the necessity for him to lead across varying cultures and geographic areas. He is the Chief Medical Officer for a global organization wich includes offices in India, New Zealand, Ireland, Belguim, England and the US. His ability to demonstrate varying leadership styles, and to read people and assess what kind of leadership they need, is invaluable in this situation. He understands the cultures in these areas, and knows how to work with each of these offices. He individualizes his leadership style beyond culture, and for each person. He does this in the home offices as well as internationally. His leadership ideals, but it is important to be aware and incorporate other styles in one’s own way (Darling, 2012, p 70).
The challenge that the Chief Medical Officer is currently faced with, is constructing an entire medical department, and remodeling the way the company thinks about brand plans...

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