Ultra Fine Mill Has Become The Landmark In Industrial Field

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-Hongxing mining machinery company through continuous launched ultra-fine mill machine of stone crushing operations, the equipment according to different principles of broken and products of different particle size, can be divided into many types. information Hongxing, China has entered an energy-saving society, and the energy cost is higher and higher, which requires the mine enterprises according to their own conditions, from the subtle to start with, find out the key point of saving energy and reducing consumption, the implementation of the corresponding energy saving technology and measures, fall this synergism. 

The process of beneficiation process includes a plurality of link broken, grinding, classification, concentration, filtering, conveying, how to ensure the index mineral processing technology, to maximize the reduction of. Rock stone on air, water, soil ...view middle of the document...

 With the material level to further improve, power down, production continued to improve. When the output reaches the maximum value, material level continues to increase, then the power of ultra-fine mill and yield decreased. Because the material level increased yield decreased, the ultra-fine mill working state is not stable. Therefore cannot work in manual operation. In manual mode, the ball mill can only work at the maximum power point on the left, in fact the level no measuring method is sensitive and reliable, the actual operating point far less than the maximum output. This is the habit of defect mode. The corresponding regions in the material level on a curve called the habit of running area, in this region the ball of energy consumption about 50%, namely the ball of energy around 50% is invalid. On the right side of the maximum output point ultra-fine mill power consumption than habit operation area is small, yield than the habit of operation area.
 In this area the ball energy less than 25% is invalid. But ultra-fine mill in the state of the work is not stable, only in the condition of automatic control to work properly. The region of optimal operation for area. From the above analysis we can know, the real difference between the optimal operation area and the habit of operation area is level high, or is the coal coal. The coal amount in the ultra-fine mill directly affect the coal mill power, output and non loss. As long as the control level at the appropriate location, mill consumption of reactive power minimum, but improve the yield. So the grinding problem of coal economy operation becomes the best material level control problem. More details can be landed.
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