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Ucf Writing May Be Lacking One Key Aspect: Exigence

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UCF Writing May be Lacking One Key Aspect: Exigence
In all the writing we do as students here at UCF, it may seem unusual to ask yourself “why am I writing this?” Any UCF student that has passed ENC1101 may be familiar with potentially the most important part of writing: exigence. Without exigence, students lack the essential part of writing that recognizes a purpose, a cause, and the intended effect a writer wants the audience to have.
Exigence is the compelling force a person feels from an event or circumstance to urgently respond to and impact an audience. For example, MLK’s most famous speech “I Have a Dream” was given as a response to the inequality in the U.S. and spoken with the intent to create a ...view middle of the document...

Real exigence puts a purpose in writing, for example, the factor that provoked us to write this article —our exigence— came from grading essays that lack an incentive. Instead of addressing assignments directly, UCF students need a real exigence that will respond to the assignment with a sense of urgency and conclude a discussion on the same topic, leaving an impact on an audience. Having real exigence will guide a paper’s discussion.
It has been observed that students who keep on topic throughout a paper do so by focusing on its exigence. With a goal in mind, a paper is kept in check and relevant to the overall point of the paper. Subsequent writing works toward driving an audience to a conclusion the writer intends them to reach.
The consistent emphasis in each paragraph of a paper on its original topic is crucial to keep an audience aware of what point the author is trying to convey. Using these measures to stay focused does not allow for any unnecessary sentences that may lead a reader astray. A major way an author’s exigence is not successfully conveyed is the loss of their message through unclear text. The most important aspect of an author’s work should be its ability to have a lasting impact on the audiences it reaches.
Writing in response to a specific exigence will certainly make writing clear, but more importantly it will allow a writer to effectively impact the audience. Exigence is a compelling response with an ideal effect. There should never be a mystery about what provokes a writer and what they intend for an audience to walk away with. UCF students would definitely benefit from an emphasis on exigence.

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