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U.S. Patriot Act Essay

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U.S. Patriot Act
Damian Coles
June 14, 2012
Drew Christensen

U.S. Patriot Act
A discussion will be made to consider the advantages, and disadvantages of making the USA Patriot Act otherwise known as the patriot act a mandatory statue. As of now some of the patriot act has expired while other parts have been voted on and extended. To fully grasp why or why not the patriot act should become a permanent statue in American law. In order to fully understand the patriot act the reason for its existence and definition of what it is must be understood. It came into place after the horrific actions of a terrorist group on September 11, 2001.
On that day countless amounts of Americans ...view middle of the document...

It eliminated many restrictions that hindered law enforcement agencies from gathering info inside the United States. It also broadens the powers of the United States Secretary of the Treasury in regards to being able to regulate financial institutions. The treasurer now has the ability to look into all money laundering or any suspicious funds aimed for funding terrorist cells. This allows for prosecution in other countries for financial implications.
It also stopped handicapping law enforcement agencies when it came to surveillance prime targets. It gave agents the ability to obtain pertinent business records of suspected companies that maybe funding terrorist. One of the most important tools the act developed was the sharing of information, and communication between all government agencies (Department of Justice, 2012). This one tool becomes instrumental in capturing plenty of high level targets. No longer is justification needed for a search warrant where terrorist activity has occurred. Officers can just obtain a warrant by telling a judge there was terrorist activity, and it will be granted.
It gave computer hacker victims the ability to seek law enforcement help in monitoring, and detecting where the hack originated from. If a person partakes in committing a terror crime then he or she can expect stiffer penalties for doing so. The act now prohibited the harboring of a suspected terrorist with severe jail time. It took less mainstream terror crimes like arson, and materials supports for terrorist and gave them harsher penalties. It also heightens the length of time for conspiracy of a terroristic act. The act abolished the statute of limitations for being charged for terrorism.
These are just a few things that were changed by the creation of the patriot act. Now the advantages and disadvantages of the act becoming permanent will be discussed. First to be discussed will be the advantages of making the act permanent. The number one advantage given by the act was the communication, and information sharing between the government agencies. Prior to this the agencies hardly communicated, and rarely shared any info secured from investigations. This one thing allows for better protection of the American people by its government agencies. It helps deter, detect, and punish terrorist who try to attack the United States.
Getting law enforcement help anytime your home or office computer network has been hacked is a great option to have. The agents have state of the art...

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