U.S. History Essay

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Social Studies 10
2nd Quarter CRT Study Guide
Chapter | COS # | Item # | Question | Answer |
11 | 5 | 1 | Who were the “midnight judges”? | |
11 | 9.2 | 2 | What is the relationship between the Lewis and Clark expedition and St. Louis? | |
11 | 5 | 3 | What law did the Supreme Court use in deciding Marbury v. Madison? | |
  11 | 4.3 | 4 | What decision did Jefferson make, even though Federalists had opposed it? | |
11 | 9.2 | 5 | What motivated Thomas Jefferson to send Lewis and Clark to the Louisiana Purchase? | |
11 | 9.2 | 6 | What motivated Lewis and Clark to bring Sacagawea on the expedition? | |
11 | 5 | 7 | What was the result of the case of Marbury vs. Madison? ...view middle of the document...

2 | 20 | What was the motive of the First Seminole War? | |
12 | 7.3 | 21 | How would you identify the source of funding for the Erie Canal? | |
12 | 7 | 22 | What influenced the works of James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving? | |
12 | 9.3 | 23 | Using the list below, how would you identify which of the following are related to the issues of nullification? I.  South Carolina Exposition and Protest, II.  Webster-Hayne debate, III.  Second Bank of the U.S., IV.  Panic of 1837 | |
12 | 9.3 | 24 | When South Carolina passed a resolution claiming nullification of the 1828 and the 1832 tariffs, how did President Jackson react? | |
12 | 5 | 25 | In Worchester v. Georgia, what did the Supreme Court declare about the Cherokee Nation? | |
13 | 7 | 26 | How, with the technical advances of the 19th century, could workers more easily assemble products and replace defective parts? | |
13 | 7.3 | 27 | During the 1800s, what made the growth in communication, trade, and travel possible? | |
13 | 7 | 28 | How did Samuel Slater’s occupation relate to industrial development of the U.S.? | |
13 | 7.1 | 29 | In the early 1800s, why did young, single women from New England leave their homes? | |
13 | 7 | 30 | What laws did Parliament pass because of people like Samuel Slater? | |
13 | 7 | 31 | What best describes the occupations of most people in Europe and the United States, in the early 1700s? | |
13 | 7 | 32 | What is significant about the textile mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island? | |
13 | 7 | 33 | What increased competition for factory jobs in the 1840s? | |
13 | 7 | 34 | Before the War of 1812, why were Americans reluctant to build new factories and machinery? | |
13 | 7 | 35 | How would you explain how Eli Whitney contributed to the Industrial Revolution? | |
13 | 7 | 36 | How would you compare the work hours of government employees and private employees? | |
13 | 7.3 | 37 | What was significant about the steam-engine? | |
13 | 7.3 | 38 | What caused Charleston, Savannah, and New Orleans to grow into major port cities? | |
13 | 7 | 39 | Why did cities grow rapidly during the mid-1800s? | |
13 | 7 | 40 | In the early 1800’s, why couldn’t the U.S. textile industry compete with Britain? | |
14 | 8 | 41 | How would you express the purpose of Nat Turner’s escape from slavery? | |
14 | 7 | 42 | Why did enslaved parents tell folk tales to their slave children? | |
14 | 7 | 43 | The cotton gin revived the South’s agricultural economy; when did Eli Whitney develop his cotton gin? | |
14 | 7.2 | 44 | What states were covered by “The Cotton Belt”? | |
14 | 7 | 45 | What caused the slave trade to increase during the early 1800s? | |
14 | 7 | 46 | What did cotton account for by 1860? | |
14 | 7 | 47 | How were yeomen farmers different from planters? | |
14 | 7 | 48 | Why did slave traders sometimes kidnap free African Americans from the North? | |
14 | 7 | 49 | By 1860 what did many...

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