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U.S. Government Essay

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The United States was founded upon the principal of democracy, and so this principal needs to be carried forward into the new millenium in order for the United States to uphold the principals upon which it was created, and for which so many Americans have given their lives to preserve. The United States has always been viewed as a mediator to the world, and also as a diplomatic negotiator. Recently, however, the United States has had to address some difficult issues. The arrival at the answers to these questions is not easy, but it is necessary. In pursuing democracy into the next century, it is important for the United States to build a firm basis upon which it preserves democracy. The first issue that must be addressed is when the United States should take action in another country's problems, and when the United States should just sit back ...view middle of the document...

Another factor to be considered is whether or not the occurrences in the other country are against universal human rights, or just the morals of the United States. Certain countries have principals different from those of the United States, and so it is not fair for the U.S. to force its beliefs upon another country. A time when the United States should definitely intervene is when the lives of U.S. citizens are at risk. So if there were problems around an U.S. embassy, or soldiers were positioned in the country for military purposes, the United States would have a justified reason to become involved in the countries problem. When personal interest is involved in the way of saving United States lives, interaction is justified.Another question posed which still requires an answer is what reasons are justifiable security interests, and what are just beneficial interests for the United States? Unless the security of the United States is threatened, or the security of a people as a whole is threatened, the United States should mind its own business. Additionally, the U.S. should not take action just because it may be beneficial for it to become involved, but does not serve any purpose to help the other country or the people of the other country. Unless a situation is extremely threatening to the United States, or is morally degrading a culture or a people as a whole, the U.S. should not become involved. In dealing with these types of situations, it is also necessary to review if the risks outweigh the harms. A harmful situation may be occurring, but if U.S. involvement in the situation would only worsen the situation, and create more tension, then U.S. involvement would be asinine. The United States government owes not only the public, but also the world, clearly definite rules as to their personal involvement in other countries problems.

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