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U.S. Customs Of Border Protection (Cbp)

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U.S. Customs of Border Protection (CBP)
Doneyell Simmons
American InterContinental University

This paper will be discussing the responsibilities and duties of the U.S. Department of Borders Protection (CBP). It will be explaining if what the CBP do is effective and how so. Also it will be explaining how they prevent terrorist attacks and how they work with other law enforcement agencies.

Keywords: Terrorist, agencies, protections, training

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection also known as CBP is one of the largest and most complex agencies with the Department of Homeland Security. They have many duties and responsibilities to do ...view middle of the document...

The officers go through training for 20 weeks with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, in Glynco, Georgia. They are trained basic law enforcement skills such as Anti- Terrorism, Detection of Contraband, Interviewing, Cross Culture Communications, Firearms Handling and Qualification, Defense Tactics, Arrest Techniques, and Officer Safety and Survival just to name a few. The Agriculture Specialist receives 8-12 weeks of training at the Professional Development Center in Fredrick, Maryland. Agriculture Specialist is station at international ports of entry at airports, seaports, and land borders throughout the United States and alongside the Canadian and Mexican borders. They have the authority to conduct random inspections of luggage or items entering the country and the power to seize prohibited or contaminated items. The Border Patrol agents go through a 55 day “Basic Academy” training at the “U.S. Border Patrol Academy” in Artesia, New Mexico. Their training includes topics on immigration, physical training, weapons and marksmanship. Most of the agents must know how to speak Spanish. This is just an example on the type of training that the CBP staff has to prepare them for any surprises and attacks on the United States.
CBP works with international, Federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. This approach ensures...

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