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Tyre Industry Essay

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Fire in a Bangladesh garment factory
This case talks about fire in a garment factory which was located near capital Dhaka in which 112 people were killed and several hundreds were injured. This happened in November, 2012. The main reason for the fire was an electrical short circuit. The factory did not have required safety equipment’s and other safety measures were not followed by the factory which were mandatory as per the law of the country in order to ensure safety towards your employees ...view middle of the document...

Bangladesh has various laws to protect welfare of workers which include laws like 2006 Bangladesh Labor Law and factory Rules of 1979. Both these legal framework stress the welfare of the workers and settlement of disputes between workers and employees.
The Factories Rule say that there should be specific routes of escape in the event of fire and these routes should include at least two separate stairways which should be permanently constructed and should directly provide access to ground floor of any factory. But these are not followed by many of the factories installed/operating in Bangladesh due to which loss is more. Apart from this factories were found to have bars in emergency exit windows to prevent thefts and other don’t even had emergency exits in the premises and if they were there they were locked. Tazreen was given high risk safety rating after the inspection after which The Tuba Group promised to make corrections by June, 2011, but in December, 2011 it was again found that company failed to comply with the necessary requirements for the safety measures of workers and soon in 2012 this accident occurred in factory taking away hundreds of lives. Apart from various issues which are prevailing in Bangladesh like corruption, political instability, high volatility in raw material prices, poor infrastructure still it is main attraction for the various owners only because of cheap labor which results in less costs over revenue and being money minded firms...

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