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Typical Behaviours Exhibited By Children Linked To Their Stage Development And Key Events In Their Lives

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As a registered child minder I understand the need to ensure the privacy and maintain the confidence of the child and their family, information and records are a necessary part of childminding.
(No personal information will be stored on a computer) Unless it is registered with The commissioning Officer under the Data Protection Act 1998 I will:

1. I will fairly and lawfully process data/
2. iI will process information for limited purposes.
3. I will only hold relevant, adequate and not excessive information.
4. please up-date me on any changes in your circumstances
5. information not kept for longer than necessary.
6. processed in line with your rights.
7. stored in a secure place.
8.Not transferred to other countries.(without adequate protection).

I will only share confidential information with a parents consent;
1. If a child is at risk or ...view middle of the document...

The photographs will not be taken out of the house.And will be kept in a safe secure place.
Pictures are printed and then deleted when they have been used for their intended purpose.

The only time this confidentiality will be broken is if I suspect a child is being abused, then I will inform Social Services and Ofsted immediately.


The importance of a partnership with both parents and carer is vital, as the parent of the child knows that person the best. it is also important that the parent see the setting where the child will be cared for and that 2 year progress reports are made by the main educator.

I will beSetting-up and advertising my child-care, getting on a data-base in my local area will help advertise my service and give a good impression of my service.
I will be inviting the parents into the setting and getting to know the child, by showing them activities and playing with that child I will hopefully help with the initial meeting.
If a child and I get along and parent is happy to go ahead we can proceed to my policies and procedure plans.
If I have a starter pack I could show them it.
I would then have settling in period with and without parent working together.
I will also have the initial settling in period without parent ask them to go quickly to avoid child having separated/upset issue.
I would ask parents if they have anything I need to know about the child to discuss on handover, that day.

Some of the ways I would Ensure the child is welcomed and valued into my home would be to provide each child with its on coat peg with a picture of that child above it, a place for their shoes. If they have a special toy they could be encouraged to play with it, by having a attachment with another child. I would provide a towel/flannel/bedding for each individual.I could also put any of their art-work on display on the wall.

4.2I will have Routines which will be adapted to meet the needs of children of different ages and stages of their development, by providing activities/toys suitable for each individual child age and routines will be made clear for each child.Thus meeting the childs needs.

SEE CHART...4.1/4.2

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