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Types Of International Organizations Essay

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The world's history has been froth with turmoil of all kinds such as wars and depression culminating in the desire to set in place certain mechanisms through which the exchange between the nations of the world can take place relatively free of disaccord. States have been persistently pushed in the direction of positive change to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not reincarnated and thus repeated. A major example in history of this move towards change is the famous gathering at the Palace of Versailles to draw up peace treaties. The aim of this meeting was the development of a master plan, which would make it impossible for any nation to plunge the world into war again. This master ...view middle of the document...

In essence international organizations have been instituted to regulate international relations chiefly through peaceful settlements of disputes among nation states. One such example is the United Nations World Court.In addition to this their expressed purpose is to minimize international conflict by providing a nations with a place and the time need to reflect and "cool off' and so settle disputes in a manner amenable to the majority. Under it umbrella of its functions can be found attempts to promote co-operative developmental activities among nation states for the social and economic benefit of not only certain regions of the world but for all human kind. This is evident in cases where developed countries provide aid to developing countries through the different organs of the United Nations. And in times when it is needed and no other redress has proven feasible it is able to provide defense to the nation states under its care. A ready example is the North Atlantic Treaty Agreement (NATO).Given the nature of the international system, the creation of an international organization requires concrete action by states, usually although not always, such actions are consecrated in a treaty. In any case an understanding must be achieved about what is to be done and how. While there is a certain level of agreement about the functions of the institution when an international organization is being created, it is not necessary for all parties to share the same conception of the agreement. On contrary, there are often sharp differences, and these differences can provide essential a catalyst to future dynamic developments in international organizations.The General Assembly or the conferences as they are otherwise known as are charged with the duty of establishing the long-term goals of the IGO. At these periodically held meetings all member states are required to be represented by the properly accredited officials. In other words members are represented in plenary. The main focus of said meetings as implied earlier is to set the limits of the general policy and determine specific plans of action in an attempt to alleviate the ills of a particular problem or problems.In the literature associated with international organizations there are two main categories - Inter-governmental organizations (IGO) and Non-governmental organizations (NGO). The Yearbook of International Organizations, which aims to identify and list all inter-governmental organizations, defines such bodies as being based on formal instrument of agreement between the government of nation states. It includes three or more nation states as parties to the agreement and lastly it possesses a permanent secretariat performing ongoing tasks between conferences. It is important to note that the employees of IGOs are international civil servants who are expected to adopte "supra-national" or organizational rather that national loyalties, since they expected to execute international policies. Common...

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