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Being a server in a buffet restaurant, my job is to serve my customers. My duties include clearing the table and setting the table, serving beverage, and removing empty dishes from the customer¡¦s table. If I serve them well, they will be happy. If I serve them bad, they will be angry. I serve hundreds of customers a day. There are more customers during the weekend. Since each customer is different, each of them has different personality and different behaviour. The hardest part of my job is to please them all. No matter how bad a day I have or how bad their attitudes are, I still have to smile to them.The hungry type: Customers of this type have one objective ¡V to eat all they can eat. They want to fill up their stomach until it is completely full and no more food ...view middle of the document...

They cannot wait for an extra minute. These customers are selfish since they take away the service time that belongs to other customers.The messy type: Customers of this type lack table manners. They eat messily and they always leave food items on the table, on the chair, on the ground, almost everywhere. I hate to clean up the things that they have left behind.The irrational type: Customers of this type are strange. They complain for no reason. I once encountered a customer of this type. After he sat down for awhile, he walked in front of my manager and complained that no one was serving him. I was surprised! Buffet is self-serving and he did not know that. After, I walked to him and asked what kind of beverage did he want, he told me to wait and he would tell me later. Then I walked away and served other customers. After awhile, he walked to the manager and complained that no one was serving him beverage. I was shocked! I could not believe there existed such people in the world.Even though they are troubled customers, they are the exception. The customers that I mostly encounter are polite, patient, kind, and educated. They request for services using a polite manner instead of an order-issuing manner. They return a smile and a ¡§Thank you very much¡¨ on every service they receive. They are willing to wait patiently during the busy hours and understand the hard time that the servers have.In fact, every customer is unique. The behaviour of the customers varies directly with their education, cultural background, manner, social status and living style. Serving a polite customers is enjoyable than serving a rude customer. The customers may have bad attitude but the objective of a server is to satisfy the customers by providing good quality service. After all, customers are strangers who buy a service. It may be the only time in life to meet that stranger.

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