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Types Of Books Essay

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"Owning a good book is like having a conscientious friend because deep in the heart of it lies the distilled wisdom of centuries" a famous writer ever said

"Owning a good book is like having a conscientious friend because deep in the heart of it lies the distilled wisdom of centuries" a famous writer ever said. That also explains why so many people choose books on searching for human affairs knowledge and entertaining themselves in the modern age of technology. Base on the content, ...view middle of the document...

A history book will tell you how the Roman did organize their empire millions of years ago. A travel book certainly provide you with various tourist attractions throughout the world. Despite improving readers' understanding, non-fiction ones are mainly written in an academic way with rough statistics and specialised knowledge which can no longer maintain their passion.

Different from non-fiction books, fiction books are considered as the number one choice if readers want to relax themselves. This type of books mostly contains elements that are made-up or created by authors. For instance, people tend to entertain themselves with fantasy, science fiction books, fairy tales. Beside this, fiction books can help foster human's imagination. Moreover, to many children, fairy tales enrich their souls, humanity and sympathy towards poor and unluckier people. However, some sexual and violent books should be put into consideration carefully before absorbing in them.

In general, books have made great contribution to human civilization. Human beings should take advantage of this priceless dedication to make this world a pleasant place to live in ./.

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