Two World's Disaster Message Essay

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Two World’s Disaster Message
People are likely to fall into visual aspects. Movies are just an entertainment. It is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. Unlikely visual sequence cannot be all alike. There are differences and similarities between American and Korean films. Roland Emmerich’s directed movie The Day After Tomorrow has been viewed by half of the U.S. population as well as world wise it granted. Similar movie Haeundae (Tidal Wave) directed from Je-gyun Yun has made success through 7million viewers. There is more action in the American films and thoughtfully more love in Korean.
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The films a very bleak vision of what would happen should the ice age ever come, and while there are many liberties taken as far as the accuracy of tornadoes and the exact time it would take for an actual coming of the ice, it's nonetheless a horrific thought to contemplate in the end, and of course, in a very tasty slice of irony, the ice age forces American citizens to become refugees and sneak into Mexican borders, one of the only countries without the horrible effects of the ice age, it was a poetic twist such as this that just won me over in the end. It did well in the box office, grossing $542,771,772 internationally and bringing its total film gross to $652,771,772.
The $13 million production by CJ Entertainment, one of the most expensive in South Korea, opened July 22, 2009. With a deluge of 869 screens nationwide, more than 1.5 million admissions over three days were reported. Haeundae is the city placed in Busan and the film relocates the possible view of tsunami. Of course huge earthquake happens which triggers the greatly feared event. But unlike American films: making the story too serious and going through official acceptations, Haeundae was more of a heartfelt genre. Most of the Korean society does not welcome the violence, cruelty, and danger. Although Je-gyun Yun began the movie with Sumatra Tsunami, the Busan, Haeundae’s tidal wave didn’t occur until the end of the movie. There were a lot...

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