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Two Unique Mindsets Of Being Alone

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Two Unique Mindsets of Being Alone
Loneliness is a complicated and normally an unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship. In the stories The Old Man and the Sea and “A Clean, Well- lighted Place”, Ernest Hemingway conveys the idea of loneliness and its corresponding effects. Characters from each text are alone in unique ways; Santiago is a elderly man who, although fishing alone, does not despair in his loneliness. In spite of the fact that he is in solitude, he does not mind being alone. Whereas the deaf man and the waiter attempt to find a way to avoid their loneliness by looking for a place to be so that they are not alone. While many elderly may be alone it ...view middle of the document...

He accepts the fact that he is alone and does not feel the need to search for a companion.
        In the short story “A Clean -Well Lighted Place” there are two characters who are also in solitude however are lonely. One of these characters is a deaf man who, is in despair, comes into the well-lighted cafe every night. He suffers from loneliness so strong that he no longer values his own life, “Last week he tried to commit suicide” (Hemingway 1). One of the waiters claims that he has plenty of money and questions why he would be in such daunting despair. However, no amount of money can replace the pain he is feeling. The reason he comes to the cafe every night is simply because he cannot bear to be alone. Being solitary with his thoughts is where he feels the loneliest and the most weak, that is why he tried to end his life. The older waiter in the story can relate to the deaf man as he too suffers from loneliness. He makes a comment to the younger waiter towards the end of the story revealing his own loneliness, “‘Each night I am reluctant to close up because there may be someone who needs the cafe’” (3). Until this point the deaf man seems to be the only one...

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