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Two Poems: Compare Essay

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The poem ''Storm On The Island'' by Seamus Heaney describes the storm which happenening on the small island. Sometimes is described as a bad natural killer and sometimes as image of calming naturality. Seamus Heaney starts his poem by writing that the people, which live on this island, are prepared, that they build squat houses with sink walls in rock and roof them with good slate. Later Mr Heaney writes that people have no hay on the island- and there are no trees that are a source of natural shelter. The poet explains what he means by writing 'There are no trees, no natural shelter'.

Later, the poet changed the subject matter. He describes the sea instead of the wind. First Mr Heaney ...view middle of the document...

The poets asks also about her heart, why it is unchained, why is she free. Then she talks to Oya, one of the gods and she told her that she will joining with her, she will following her and she will experiencing the same mystery that Oya had.

Mrs Nichols, again, talks to the gods and asks them to come and 'break the frozen lake' inside of her, to 'shake the foundation of the very trees' within her. Mrs Nichols finishes her poem by saying 'That the earth is the earth is the earth'.

Then the poet again changes the subject matter and moves onto the feelings of the islanders. Mrs Heaney describes how people on the island are feeling, that they ‘sit tight while wind dives’ and explains that people feel like they are ‘bombarded by the empty air‘. The last sentence in the poem can easly fright: ''Strange it is a huge nothing that we fear''. So, here the poet shows us that they feel strange because this ‘nothing‘ is just the water and wind and they still are afraid of them.

In the poem ''Hurricane hits England'' the poet describes the wind as like a howling ship'' (metaphor), like some dark ancestral...

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