Two Perspective Writing Essay

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Perspective Writing

Like Blooming Flowers

It was going to be yet another dismal day for the woman. She was trapped in a job she despised with the same monotonous routine every day but the cruel reality was that she desperately needed to stick with it to pay the bills. With a weary sigh, she turned the handle of the classroom door, noticing on it the sticky residue of chewing gum left there from an asinine prank played on her the previous week by some moronic kid... or had it been last month? She didn’t know. It had escaped her notice that the days here flew so quickly by like a handful of flower petals flung into blustery winds. She stepped into the classroom, slamming the door behind ...view middle of the document...

They were tiny flowers buds. So this was what was distracting this child? It would be have been more acceptable if it were fully bloomed, beautiful flowers that she was so fascinated by but flowers buds? ‘You let these pathetic, wretched things distract you in class?’

The budding flowers were nature’s embodiment of sheer beauty. They were perfect in this moment with their young and shy yellow petals only peaking out slightly, too timid to unfurl just yet. This was the stage in a flower’s lifecycle which she appreciated and adored most since it was now that they needed more than ever the proper care and nurture for them to fully transform into bright bloomed flowers. So after hearing her teacher talk of them in such a disgusted manner, she felt obliged to defend them. As she bent down to pick the buds up, she said, ‘Yes Miss, I’m sorry for being distracted by them but they’re not pathetic. You have to obviously care for them before they fully bloom. You just have to be patient.’ She waited for her teacher’s respond but there was nothing. Her eyes were staring blankly away and it seemed as if she was deep in thought. Was this a good sign?

The words of the child replayed themselves over again in her head. As much she did not want to admit to it, the child was right about the flower buds but there were deeper thoughts beyond what the child had...

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