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Two Methods To Losing Wieght Essay

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Two Methods to Losing Weight
Dean L. Norton
March 16, 2013
Adria Carey Perez

Losing weight can be a challenge for anyone. A simple weight loss plan should not be difficult for most people to maintain. There will be differences in the way men lose weight, and the differences in the way women lose weight. In my experience, it is generally harder for women to take off the pounds than it is for men. Conceivably, a man can cut out something as simple as soda, and drop several pounds in a week. A woman, who cuts out the same amount of soda, will drop fewer pounds in that week. Is it fair? Maybe not, but that is how it seems to work between the sexes.

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Allow yourself seven to eight hours of sleep a night, giving your body a chance to repair itself, and to adjust to your new regimen.

The basic idea behind a diet is caloric restriction. It has nothing to do with the kind of diet (i.e. the Adkins diet, the grapefruit diet, etcetera) that you plan to use; it all breaks down to how many calories you eat in a day. Some disciplines to use while dieting are avoiding vending machines and fast food, reduce sweets and fatty foods, and snack on foods that are healthy and filling, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and small quantities of nuts. Another tip is to cut down, or cut out completely, your intake of carbohydrates and sodium. All sodas contain a lot of sodium as well as a lot of high fructose corn syrup, and diet sodas, which are especially bad for you since it has been found that diet sodas may help to gain weight as well as contribute to Type 2 diabetes. (DeNoon, Daniel J., “Drink More Diet Soda, gain More Weight?”, WebMD Health News (2005), March 9, 2013 <>

The lack of sufficient sleep, 7 to 8 hours a night, may cause a person to rely on sweets and high carb foods to provide. They get up in the morning; maybe grab something on the way to work like a donut or two, plus their overly sweetened coffee. This will cause a person to be ravenous by the time lunch rolls around. Proper rest will make a person feel energized and less likely to eat these kinds of bad breakfast items, and perhaps, select food that is more appropriate, like oatmeal or plain yogurt with fruit. (Baldwin, Donovan, “Effects of Sleep on Weight Loss”, Articles Factory (2006), March 6, 2013 <>

Along with your new diet regimen, you should be getting out and doing some exercise. Running a marathon if you are out of shape and overweight would not be suggested, but start out slow by taking walks, and little by little increasing the distance and the pace of your walks. If you have a dog that likes to walk, take him or her for a stroll. Try to keep these strolls down to around a half a mile to a mile if you can. The idea here is to keep moving, to keep your heart rate up, and to keep your metabolism going.

The number of calories your body requires in a day will depend on many factors, including your height, your sex and how much weight you want to lose. For the last five months, your writer here has been on a caloric restricted diet. He has also had a little help in this through an application that he has on his iPhone. It is called, Lose It. You just enter your height, sex and the ideal weight you want to reach, and it will set up a program for you, as well as provide a list of the common foods, with their calorie counts, that you may eat on an average day. Typically, men can sustain themselves on a 2000 calories a day diet, and women would be around 1800...

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