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Two Kinds Essay

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Analysis and interpretation of “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan
Most parents wish their children the best. That can be through spoiling the child materialistic, but it can also be seen, as they want their children to unfold their wings and become the greatest among basically everyone. From time to time it can even occur, that they want more than that as they choose to live out their own dreams through their children. The latter is what the text ”Two Kinds” by Amy Tan deals with.
The short story Two Kinds is a text written with a first-person narrator. The agonist in the text is a girl named Jing-Mei. Both of her parents are from china, but they now live in America, where Jing-Mei is born. As the ...view middle of the document...

I did pick up the basics pretty quickly, and I might have become a good pianist at that young age. But I was so determined not to try, not to be anybody different that I learned to play only the most ear-splitting preludes, the most discordant hymns.”(P. 110-111, L. 41-43 and 1-2).
But just as important as Jing-mei, we have her mother. Her mother is more of a static character, as she does not really change as a personality. Jing-mei’s mother resembles the very stereotypical Asian parents that we recognize: Parents who wants their children to play piano – parents, who wish their children to become prodigies and obtain straight A’s in school. Furthermore she is also a person, who wishes to maintain a perfect facade. That is seen, when she talks with her sister Lindo: “ And my mother squared her shoulders and bragged :”Our problem worser than yours. If we ask Jing-mei wash dish, she hear nothing but music. It’s like you can’t stop this natural talent.” And right then, I was determined to put a stop to her foolish pride.” (P. 111, L. 19-22). A funny thing about the mother and daughter is that Jing-mei does want to be a good pianist. That is seen when she is about to go up on the stage. She feels, as if she really is a prodigy: “When my turn came, I was very confident. I remember my childish excitement. It was as if I knew, without a doubt, that the prodigy side of me really did exist. I had no fear whatsoever, no nervousness, I remember thinking to myself, This is it! This is it! ... Waverly’s sulky expression.”(P. 112, L. 3-8). With this in mind, it tells us, that either the expectations has...

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