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Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Two Heads are better than one

Tiffany Krafton

MGT 415

Instructor: Kim Marshall

January 10, 2011

There are many factors that play into making a company successful. Decision making is one of the biggest of them all. The decisions/choices we make can determine the success/failure of a company. For this reason, today I will prove that “two heads are better than one”. I will provide you with studies that have proven this to be true. I will also explain that although group work is ideal, you must have the right group in order to function correctly.

Our lives consist of constant streams of decision making and choices. There are so many things that occur in our lives ...view middle of the document...

Although group work has been used in teaching for thousands of years, it really wasn’t until the 1970’s
Some may attribute this gentleman’s raise as being based on his work performance. You would think that would be the fair way to do it. This is not the situation in this case. This assistant scored lower on his ratings then I did, but received a higher percentage. While I scored higher, and received more positive comments from co-workers, he received the ultimate prize. This in my oppinion, was a definite cause of Gender discrimination.

Sometimes companies fear placing female’s in leadership roles. A big reason, is based on pregnancy. When women get pregnant they tend to leave or take an absence from their position, to nurture and bond with their newborm. Men tend to continue working and providing for their families. Many companies fear this, and tend to choose a male instead. The Pregnancy Discrimination act of 1978 "prohibits employers from discriminating against workers based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions" (McKay,1). This act only comes into play when the company has 15 or more employees.

A company is not allowed to discrimante against pregnant females. They are required to look solely at their qualifications. Unfortunitely, this is not a followed law. Companies definitely discriminate against this. Because of companies failing to abide by this law, several complaints and lawsuits have been formed. During the year of 2006, the EEOC received 4,901 charges of pregnancy-based discrimination (McKay, 1). Based on this information, it is clear to see that there is a definite gender discrimination issue still occurring in our workforce. The problem is that companies are getting away with this, and women are struggling harder to prove themselves.

It can sometimes feel like we are defeated. At times it feels hopeless. I know in my own personal experience, I have wanted to give up many times. I have fought with myself to not give up on my goals. The constant preasure of proving yourself strictly based on your gender is exhausting. I work twice as hard, get paid two times less, devote myself more than many, and am still fighting to move up from the very bottom. I have seen many men come and go from their position in less than a year. Some are truly talented and work extremely hard, while others don’t deserve to even have their job.

So what can we do to stop gender discrimination? How do we show others that women are equally talented and can accomplish the same? This is where true leadership comes into play. A leader is someone who look up to. You soak up their knowledge and learn their ways. You develop a level of trust and admiration. The more true leaders we have, the more knowledge can be passed. It takes one leader to share there values and beliefs. Just one leader can make a huge difference.

For a very long time, people thought that the roles of an effective...

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